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    "New England Patriots
    Wide receiver: The Patriots' offense took on a different look in 2006 after losing its top two receivers, Deion Branch and David Givens. Tom Brady was still effective moving the chains through the air, but the wide receivers took a back seat to tight end Benjamin Watson, before his injury in Week 14. Look for Bill Belichick and the Patriots' front office to acquire a topflight receiver, giving Brady another weapon. The reported ACL injury suffered by rookie WR Chad Jackson in the AFC title game makes this an even more pressing need.

    Linebacker: The acquisition of veteran linebacker Junior Seau worked out well for the Patriots until his season-ending injury. New England's 3-4 defensive scheme utilizes lots of linebackers and four, including Seau, are unrestricted free agents this offseason. Tully Banta-Cain is the youngest of the four and had his best season in his four-year career. The former seventh-round pick for the Patriots may want a big pay day, so his return could be in question. Look for the Patriots' front office to search for another able body to boost the aging linebacking corps.

    Secondary: The New England secondary was banged up most of the season, and gave up some big numbers through the air. Safeties Tebucky Jones and Eugene Wilson spent most of the season on injured reserve, while 13-year veteran Rodney Harrison missed several contests with different injuries. Cornerback Asante Samuel had his best season as a pro, with 10 interceptions and 24 pass breakups. He also led the secondary in tackles. Samuel is an unrestricted free agent and the safety position needs to be addressed. Look for New England to make some moves in free agency or on the first day of the draft.

    Quarterback: Veteran quarterback Brady has several more good years in him, but backup Matt Cassel is still a big question mark. The acquisition of 20-year veteran Vinny Testaverde in mid-November led many to believe the staff is not sold on the depth at this crucial position. The Patriots' front office won't spend a high draft choice or overpay on the free-agent market, but it could look for a quarterback to ease Bill Belichick's mind.

    Offensive line: The Patriots' offensive line played well in 2006, only yielding 29 sacks in the regular season. The depth of the offensive line gives the staff concerns, however, and the Patriots may look for another big body to mold for the future."

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    QB is NOT AT ALL a position of need. If we feel like it, we'll call Vinny again. Two QBs is plenty. Unless we draft a late-LATE round QB to groom with an eye toward dealing Cassel sometime down the road.
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    Wow, they are pretty far off on this. I agree with their assessment of our wide receivers, and this was obviously written before the Chad Jackson news came out, which only made our need for a veteran WR even greater.

    However, they are way off on linebacker. The Patriots need a whole lot more than "another able body." They need an impact guy that can contribute immediately next year AND some youth and speed for the future. I'm thinking a big-time free agent signing, possibly another lesser free agent acquisition, and at least one early draft pick.

    Also, Matt Cassell is not "still a big question mark," although I hope the rest of the league thinks so, since it will make it much easier to retain him when he becomes a free agent. If the Pats need a QB at all, its just a third stringer warm body, which they can find anywhere.

    And they didn't even list running back. I'm sure this was written before the CD retirement news as well, but they still should have seen that need coming. Bad write-up all in all, IMO.

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