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    Patriots fans need to flood the front office with requests to get the final game of the season off the NFL Network. Tis could be one of the greatest games in NFL history not seen by 90% of the fans in the country. Including 70% or more of the fans in New England and the rest of the USA who are Patriiots Fans. If you don't live in the imediate Boston area or have direct TV then you can't watch this game thanks to the NFL. They say they are only looking out for the fans but that is just BS because they are taking away what may be a game for the ages from so many fans!!! Please all Patriots fans contact the Patriots and let them know that they need to get this changed so ALL Patriots fans can see the game!!!

    Go to
    click on the Patriots logo in the row of logo's at the top.
    Get on the Pats website.
    Click on fanzone
    got feedback
    Tell them to get the game moved to NBC or whoever.
    Send it to the front office.

    If you want to see the game start now and flood them.

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    Suggest that you get your facts straight. Many cable systems offer the NFL network, not just direct tv. Some systems like Warner are in a feud with the NFL Network over how it is to be sold to customers. The vast majority of cable customers have Comcast which makes the NFL Network available at a price. I do agree that it is a bad thing that the NFL Network has taken to showing games in their initial broadcast rather than in replays. I do feel sorry for people who have no access to the NFL Network but if it is available, why penalize those who have purchased a cable package where they have it. NESN did this the last time that the Bruins were in the Cup Finals and gave up the home games to an over the air channel. What they did was screw every person who subscribed to NESN all season. If the NFL Network gives up this game they are doing the same thing and is unfair to the paying customers.
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    In my area, the cable provider doesn't even offer th NFL Network, so they're showing it on the local ABC affiliate. When they do offer the NFL Network, I'll be subscribing.
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    As I recall the last time the NFL Network carried a regular season game, the ABC affiliates in Manchester and Boston carried the NFL Networks' broadcast. However the NFL refused to allow the Maine and RI ABC affiliates to do so - saying they were outside the Boston TV market. Especially the RI affiliate was fuming over that. Already the game is creating a furor in Maine where Time Warner has a major presence.

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