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Patriots: Fourth Quarter

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by scout, Dec 6, 2007.

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    With all the nervousness concerning the opponents offenses, tight games, and sky is falling sentiments, I took a look at our fourth quarter. The Patriots own the fourth quarter.
    The Patriots defense:
    Opening up the 4th, the Colts began their drive at NE's 32. Manning scored on a 1 yard run. In the quarter, Addai had 8 rushes for 27 yards, Manning tried to throw the ball 10 times resulting in 5 completions, 3 sacks and two fumbles.
    Philly had better success throwing as Feeley threw for 75, but did get picked. Westbrook 4 yds running.
    The Ravens began the 4th on the 1 and scored. McGahee had runs of; 0,2,-1, and 1. Boller had an INT, incomplete, +7, and +1, excluding the last possession which was prayer time.
    In summary, the Patriots scored 31 points to the opponents 14. In both cases, those TD's came with the opponent deep in the Patriots territory to start the quarter. Of course these were the tight games, the others need an asterisk for pure blasphemy.
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