Patriots Defense gets better not worse

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  1. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    I have noticed that in almost any game the scoring is higher in the 4th quarter than the first.

    That defense that consistently cause 3 and outs in the first quarter are marched on in the 4th.

    The most common reason given for this is that offense is more tiring than defense, so assuming decent time of possession the defense is exhausted and the offense although also tired is relatively fresher. Another reason given is that the offense has an easier time making adjustments to defeat the defense than the defense has.

    The Patriots seem to be the exact opposite. Although in the blow out games the defense was solid all game long. In the closer games, during the Patriots defense would make few if any stops in the first half, but then shut down the other team in the second.

    I speculate to some possible reasons and would like other peoples thoughts.

    First, although our older defense is not as quick as some of the younger guys, they are better conditioned thus can play the entire game this coupled with wise rotation keeps them fresh. Also experience may result in players knowing when to exert maximum force and when to conserve. Experience may allow players to pace better. They may even be giving up a play or two in the early part of the game because of this effort to pace themselves.

    Second, because of both the experience of the players and the genius of the head coach the defense does a better job making in game adjustment to the defense.
  2. BrianPat

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    Last night I was watching our db's back off the Jag recievers all night, it was driving me crazy. Then I started remembering that teams generally come out strong only to struggle in the 4th quarter. So I waited and sure enough, that's what happened, interesting, then I found this story and BAM, it hit me, this guy may be onto something.
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