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    Despite last week’s win over Carolina, this New England squad remains an underdog to finish up December in winning style. This week they travel to Buffalo for their final AFC East showdown.

    The good news? The Bills have the lowest-ranked run defense in the league. The bad news? Well, as always, there’s plenty of that…

    Worry Wart – Game 14 at Bills

    The Patriots see their last division game come this Sunday in their second match up with Buffalo, who they saw in the opener. Once again, it would seem to make sense for the Patriots to pound it on offense. These Bills are very injured and banged up on defense and essentially are at least in nickel as a base defense most of the time. They are last in the NFL in rush defense and giving up 5.0 yards per carry, which is an unheard of high number in the NFL.

    First Impressions – The Buffalo Bills, Round 2

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