Patriots Daily Q&A with East Carolina DE Khalif Mitchell

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    During his freshman season at North Carolina, defensive lineman Khalif Mitchell forced a fumble at the goal line in the waning seconds to preserve a 30-24 victory over N. C. State. Despite the hoopla surrounding what came to be knows as β€œthe play” at UNC, Mitchell ended up transferring to East Carolina after his sophomore season.

    He racked up his best statistics in his junior year as a Pirate, but various injury woes in 2008 prevented him from improving further. Now in good health, Mitchell has had successful workouts at both the combine and his pro day to bump up his draft standing.

    Last week, he talked with PD about defensive line play and his versatility in different schemes.

    Khalif Mitchell Q&A With PD

    (As in the Carey interview, Mitchell talks pretty extensively about his talks with the Patriots and what they projected for him.)
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