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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Deus Irae, Oct 13, 2008.

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    I just thought I'd toss out a few of my observations based upon last night's game.

    1.) Jamal Williams owned Koppen and destroyed the O-line

    2.) Mr. Neal, we need you back at right guard, and hurry

    3.) Sammy Morris: 10 carries for 26 yards. Maroney's not the problem

    4.) Randy Moss has to make those plays.

    5.) Dave Thomas, spend your hours learning how to block.

    6.) Matt Cassel, 2 quick reads only. After that, it's time to run.

    7.) Josh McDaniels, WTF was that play calling during the "and goal" series?

    8.) D-Line.... 0 knockdowns?

    9.) BB, it's well past time to call Seau and Law. Seau especially...

    10.) I still think they should have taken the O-lineman rather than Mayo.

    11.) Deltha O'Neal? The Rookie Wheatley? Time to call Fernando Bryant back in for another look.

    12.) Rodney looks as if he's lost a full step during the offseason.

    13.) Bruschi looks as if he's lost a full step during the offseason

    14.) It's tough to see the whole field on TV, so this may already be happening, but this team needs to use Gaffney as the #1 option on occasion.

    15.) Why the hell is this team still so pass oriented without Brady?

    16.) The team that used to win on heart and a refusal to back down from anyone seems to have gotten all too comfortable backing down from opponents this seaso
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