Patriots Castoffs not wanted?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Lloyd_Christmas, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Lloyd_Christmas

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    A lot of us predicted that many of our castoffs would be scooped up by other teams.

    To my knowledge, only Gus Scott and Dan Klecko have found their way to other team's active roster. I know Mincey was signed to someone else's practice squad, but I'm not sure if that really counts.

    So, were we all wrong? Did we vastly overestimate the worth of our fringe players?

    I haven't seen this talked about yet and I was just curious what you all thought.
  2. BelichickFan

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    Patrick Cobbs also plus Gorin if you go back a week or two. Trading those two thinned out the talent at the bottom a little.
  3. BelichickFan

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    I am surprised that Bam didn't get signed before coming back to our PS - maybe WR really are a dime a dozen :D
  4. Brady-To-Branch

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    The Pats were wrong on Guss Scott. The Colts cut Dexter Reid.

    BB/Pioli isn't perfect, but they did get picks for Patrick Cobbs and Brandon Gorin. Many Pats fans, myself included, made the mistake of thinking that Mincey was more than a 6th round pick, simply because he was the 1st defensive player taken. But in the end, Mincey was only a 6th round pick that couldn't break the Pats 53.

    Stevenson is on the PS and is expected to follow the footsteps of Gene Mrzcsowski (sp), a former PS OL player that made the team.

    LeKevin Smith (6th) and Willie Andrews (7th) made the 53 as did UDFA Pierre Woods. Eric Alexander made the roster as well.
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  5. PatsDeb

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    Who else are they going to pick up? Beisel? None of us are professional football coaches and we can see he stinks. Other coaches must think, if BB can't coach him "up" what am I going to do with him? Chad Brown? Isn't he injured? The only one I am surprised didn't get picked up is Gramatica, but he could get the call any time another kicker goes down.
  6. mgteich

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    Ask NEM; he's the greatest proponent of the idea that the bottom of the patriot roster would be quickly signed up by others.

    andy and I have never believed in this theory.

  7. patchick

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    Scott, Klecko, Cobbs and Gorin is a large group to make other teams' rosters. Was anybody really expecting Brian Barthelmes and Keron Henry?
  8. Dragda

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    I think that is large, too. I'm way to lazy/busy but I'd like to compare that to other teams.
  9. Miguel

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    FWIW - The Pats picked up 2 other teams' castoffs in Jonathan Smith and Doug Gabriel.
  10. CTPatsFan

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    Only us fans of NCAAF powerhouse UConn Huskies. The 2004 Motor City Bowl Champions ;) (That's almost as bad as the Dolts division champ banners)
  11. PatsFan37

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    That's what I would think might be typical: one or two cuts making another team's 53 and be surprised if they make the 45. I'm less inclined to count Gabriel since it's unlikely he would have been cut outright and therefore doesn't count as a castoff, whereas the Pats castoffs were likely traded ahead of being cut.

    Making the tally now is premature. Let's see if any of the Pats castoffs are still on a roster after the 2nd and 3rd games. Cobbs probably will, maybe Klecko.

    You can look at this any way you want. That the braintrust has other teams drooling over their castoffs, or that the braintrust holds onto their project players for too long (Beisel, Klecko, Bethel, Hill), or like Borges and Felger might say, that they don't pay enough in FA to replace marginal players before camp.

    I just think it's the luck of the draw.
  12. BelichickFan

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    Maybe we'll find out why the Raiders traded Gabriel so cheap but to call him a castoff is just silly, I agree. Smith is different although I am curious how he might do on returns, we have struggled there and Andrews was OK but not much better in the preseason.
  13. PatsFan37

    PatsFan37 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    I have to think that part of picking up Smith was to get the scoop on a new coach at a division rival before the first game of the season. Not the whole reason, but one of those 'different skills' that Smith had over Childress.
  14. BelichickFan

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    You might be right but I think Belichick/Pees, et al, can look at game film from the new OC's old stops (lastly in St. Louis) in combination with Jauron's offense in Chicago and the preseason and have a pretty good feel for the new offense.
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  15. RayClay

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    I'd sure rather have 2 picks than bragging rights in this mythical contest.

    Who did we cut that hasn't found a job, Beisel? That's no mystery.

    If I'm not mistaken, it's about getting the most talent for the least expenditure and I think we're winners with Smith and Gabriel.

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