Patriots Break NFL Record During Game vs. Jets

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Oct 23, 2012.

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    We had a lot to talk about with the Pats victory some good,some bad,but I haven't seen anyone acknowledge another NFL record broken by Brady and the offense on Sunday.

    The Pats have now put up at least 350 yards of offense in 16 consecutive games.....that s a record set by the 2000-01 Rams who the team just happens to play this week.

    Quite a feat and one that I believe will be quite a while to repeat again.

    Congratulations to the team for the record,also kind of weird as it also comes at a time where there currently is scrutiny about the offensive performance this year.

    Still it doesn't take away from the accomplishment,good job!
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  2. randomk1

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    Considering that top QBs average around 300 yards passing every week it doesn't seem that impressive. Right now after week 7 - 18 teams are averaging more than 350 yards of offense.

    I'm honestly surprised that record has stood for a decade.
  3. brdmaverick

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    If you ask me it's the DEFENSE that is getting all the criticism, and deservedly so.
  4. crypto

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    i don't think the defense has enough maturity or raw talent to perform well without an offense that can move the chains and score points late in the game, which - correct me if i'm wrong - the pats have struggled to do almost every game this season barring the bills game (heh). i haven't walked away from any of this season's losses thinking that the defense really singularly choked and i really don't think the defensive unit on the whole has been underachieving.

    this offense needs to be able to post a single touchdown in the second half against the seattle frigging seahawks; i don't care how highly seattle's defense is ranked.

    e: but yeah, it would be nice if our secondary didn't decide to basically pull a gun on opposing receivers at various crucial moments in the game and give away 50-yard pass interference penalties like church boys passing out pencils from a cup.
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  5. Palm Beach Pats Fan

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    Just because in any one instance you are more likely than not to achieve a certain mark doesn't mean it's easy to do it 16 times in a row. If I am a 60% free throw shooter over a long career, then it's not surprising when I make one. When I make 16 in a row, then it would indeed be remarkable.

    Brees throwing a TD pass in a game seems simple. Him doing it 40-something times in a row is still impressive though (but not as impressive as when TB breaks it, with 10% of the number of dome/ideal conditions games as Brees, as an aside)
  6. Metaphors

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    The problem is that DB penalties are wildly inconsistent across teams. Check out Cromartie on Sunday or Tillman last night. Their normal coverage techniques would be considered illegal contact for any of the Pats DBs. It is much easier to cover (and avoid PI calls) when you are allowed to stay in contact with the receiver throughout his route. Unless the league gets some consistency with coverage penalties or the Pats trade for a DB covered under the "Revis Rules", I'm not sure that the Pats back end will meet fans' expectations.
  7. IllegalContact

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    that's great......let me frame the moment for all eternity
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  8. Froob

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    Seems like there's a new record broken every game lol.
  9. sly24

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    On it says they tied the record.

    "12-T.Brady pass incomplete short right to 81-A.Hernandez. Patriots now have 381 total yards today, making this the 16th consecutive game with 350+ total yards, tying NFL record (1999-2000 Rams)."

    Need 1 more game to break it!
  10. KontradictioN

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    Either by our pass defense or our offense...
  11. JJDChE

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    Another pointless stat. Yippee.
  12. VJCPatriot

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    Th 350 yards plus of offense per game speaks to the consistency of the Pats offense. I think Pats fans are just spoiled by 2007 and just EXPECT gaudy numbers. But the rest of the NFL teams fans are not so lucky. Pats have been a high powered offense since 2007 but it looks like the consistency in yardage production really kicked in from the 2011-2012 period when the double tight end offense took the league by storm.

    Add in the added dimension and consistency of a run game this year, and I think it's possible to run the streak to 20+ games. And that will be a record that is hard to break even in an increasingly offensive-driven league. When you think of all the high powered offenses out there, the Pats outproduced on a consistent basis offensive teams like the Saints, Packers, etc. No small feat.
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