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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Except for some grammatical howlers (could have went???) and a tendency to repeat himself, Reiss is the best. He actually admitted his warning that Vinatiery's loss would be a crusher was wrong--imagine that. He pretty much sticks to the facts (praise be), but does some solid digging and reporting on complicated issues. He's a keeper. Let's see if the Globe can keep him.
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    One name not mentioned-
    Tom King from the Nashua Telegraph. Good writer, better than everyone on the Herald, even Tomase. I only read him off and on this year but saw a number of B or A articles from him and the everything else was tight and solid. King's not from Boston per se, but he does cover the Pats for the Telegraph regularly so I figured he warrants inclusion.
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    Must have been grading on the curve for Felger and Borges.. both are flunkies who only care about the ratings..
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    Borges and Felger are the Marino and Manning of Boston sportswriting. All they care about is ratings (statistics). Mike Reiss is like Brady - gets the job done, and unheralded most of the time,
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    I think Shalise Manza Young deserves more than a B grade.

    She really grew into the role and I was very impressed with her ability to dig beneath the usual spewing of news to get some real inside-the-team info down the stretch.

    By the end of the season, I would put her in the Reiss-Breer echelon for getting good stuff from behind the scenes.
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    I grew up reading Farinella. Nice to see that he's still putting out quality work.
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    I would rate Albert Breer (B+) considerably better than Mike Reiss.
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    That's funny. I would have given him a C. Inserts way too much personal opinion into pieces that aren't columns. A no-no in the journalism world.
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    I like Reiss, but I think Tomase and Breer have done a very good job as well on the Herald's blog. I like the interviews with the Patriot players, and the "tale of the tape." I check both blogs every day.
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    Reiss is the quickest at getting info though it seems like Breer/Tomase break things like Tedy's wrist/Rodney's knee injury occasionally. I do enjoy Breer's tape breakdowns but I think overall Reiss is much more thorough. His posts about personnel and what sets the Pats ran have been great addiditions. Seems like Tomase is off the blog now except for important scoops that he apprarenly doesn't want to share credit on with Breer. It's vital to read both blogs for sure though if I had to pick only one I'd go with Reiss.

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