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    The Patriots will be playing in San Diego in the 2010 season. We won't know the date of the game until April but that doesn't mean we can't start planning now.

    I run a club called Patriots Tailgate which is for Pats fans going to road games.

    We typically meet up at the Hazard Center about 4 or 5 hours before the game and then when we're all assembled, we caravan down Friar's Road and enter Gate 3. From there we take a hard sharp left turn and set up our tailgate right between G4 and H4. We've had hundreds of people show up for this tailgate and want to keep it growing everytime the Pats come to town.

    We also like to have a Saturday night party (night before the game) and if we can get a reserved section of private room we might be able to get some special guests to join us (former players, PFW guys, Robert & Jonathan Kraft, etc.) as we've done for past road games. In the 2008 season we did it on the 2nd floor of Seau's but we're open to other suggestions.

    If you are thinking about going to this game, please join the Patriots Tailgate Yahoo Group.
    PatsTG : Patriots Tailgate

    If you would be interested in helping organize and coordinate the pre-game and tailgate parties please let me know.
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    Anyone have suggestions for a Saturday night party location? The last time the Pats came to town we did it at Seau's and that worked okay so we can do that again but if anyone has other places worth checking out we are open to other options.
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    We may be purchasing group tickets for the Chargers game this month (May) so if you are interested please be sure to join the Patriots Tailgate Yahoo Group and vote for the games you are interested in on the poll.

    We don't know the exact date that the tickets will become available but we plan to buy them on day 1 so we'll start taking a headcount soon. We'll only have one opportunity to purchase tickets all together so if you miss it, you missed it.
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    We have now begun collecting payment for Chargers tickets. They will be $180 each but you need to act quickly (no later than Saturday) because we'll be making the purchase any day now. See Patriots Tailgate for more information.
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    We got a group hotel rate at the Courtyard San Diego in Kearny Mesa for $89/night. Join Patriots Tailgate to get more info including the link to book this hotel where most of us Pats fans will be staying.
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    looking forward to this one Barry, dont think I'll stay at the hotel but thanks for everything you do!
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    Here is the link for our group rate ($89/night) at the Courtyard San Diego Central, 8651 Spectrum Center Blvd, San Diego, California 92123

    San Diego Central Hotel - Hotels in Central San Diego, CA

    You need to select your dates and by default this link gives you two queen beds. If you prefer one king bed, just change the last letter of the group code to "a" as follows:
    Group code: nepnepb (2 queen beds)
    Group code: nepnepa (king and sofabed)

    The discounted rate is good for check-ins as early as Friday, 10/22 through check-outs as late as Tuesday, 10/26.

    Also remember that every room has a small refrigerator so you can keep your tailgate food and drink chilled overnight and then just load up your cooler with ice before heading out in the morning. Parking and internet access are also free.


    We'll be having a private party at Players Sports Bar, 7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111 on Saturday, 10/23 6pm - 8pm
    Players Sports Bar - San Diego

    I checked this place out over the weekend, met with the manager and believe this is a perfect fit for us. They've got Boston sports memorabilia displayed, have a private room with plenty of TVs and are located just 1.5 miles from the Courtyard in case you want to cab it.

    While we are hoping to have some special guests join us, we won't know for sure until they actually show up.

    We'll have a salad, pasta and pizza buffet (soft drinks also included, bar drinks are on your own). Because we need to guarantee a minimum, I am accepting payments now as follows:
    Adult (ages 13 & up) - $15
    Children (5 - 12) - $7
    Children under 5 - free

    To encourage early payment, these prices are good til the end of September. In October the price will go up $2 and then $5 more at the door. In short, help me out and pay soon!

    Please join the Patriots Tailgate Yahoo Group for payment info (I prefer not to post my address here).


    As we've done in past years, we'll be tailgating right between G4 and H4 which can be reached through Gate 3 by going west to east on Friar's Road.

    I'm not sure yet whether we'll be meeting up at the Hazard Center to caravan over together or not but we'll decide on that when it gets a bit closer. If you have an opinion one way or the other please let me know.

    Rather than coordinating food and drink as a group, everyone should bring their own. However for the benefit of those who are from out of town or are coming in on the trolley, I will have soda, water, beer and hot dogs available for $1 each with all profits going to charity (Jimmy Fund and San Diego United Way).


    Our group tickets in Plaza 17 have been purchased but there are still 5 remaining in case anyone is still interested. I will send a separate message to those who have purchased tickets with the seat assignments shortly. There may also be some cancellations so if you are interested in getting on the wait list (once those 5 tickets go) let me know. Cost is $180 each.
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    Note that some Pats fans will be coming to tailgate with us before the game even though they don't have tickets. They'll either see if they can find something cheap there or head to a nearby sports bar to watch the game. Another possibility is for someone to bring a generator and set up a TV to watch the game right there in the parking lot; unlike the Chargers other home games, this one will not be blacked out.

    If you are interested in tailgating with us but not going into the game, please let me know as I'm putting together a list so you guys can figure out what your options are for watching the game.
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    If you come across this late, please note that all Pats fans are welcome to join us at Players on Saturday night. You can just pay at the door.

    As for the tailgate, just find us between G4 and H4. No sign up, no charge, just bring your own food and drink and hang out with hundred of Pats fans.

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