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    For all those who don't think the Patriots aren't atop concerning league leaders, check this out. During the first quarter of the season the Patriots are 3rd in total offense in the NFL. The offense is number 1# in the AFC and they have the second leading rushing attack in the NFL behind Atlanta. The Passing Attack is 16th in the NFL and that will only get better during the season hopefully around 8th or 9th when December rolls around. There are a number of teams who are head of them with slight advantage in the passing game.

    Concerning our defense we are 16th in total Defense, which is not bad but we will also get better in that department, we are notorious for starting slow, I believe that by November we will be a top 10 defensive club. What I would like to see improvement in is the turnover department we are currently tied for 10th at a -2 takeway/giveway stat. Overall we around 13 against the rush and 22 against the pass. Both should improve as the season continues.

    The misc, we are currently tied (W/Buffalo) for 8th in Sacks, but again we should see better development with our defensive front and a return of our defensive starters.

    IMO with TB getting more and more comfortable with the offense and his WR and the team getting closer to it’s bye, we should see a mark change with this team. The Cincinnati game was a statement game, a game like the Philly game back in 2004. And as we have seen with the Patriots after a “statement game†comes better focus and confidence. Look out NFL but we our BACK.

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