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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JSn, Oct 24, 2009.

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  1. JSn

    JSn Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Official Website of the New England Patriots

    Very worth watching. When Brady is talking in the tunnel he says "55 said it all..."

    Man, I wish we could hear that speech.

    Anyway, there's lot's of filler, but the stuff with Bill and the team Mic'd up is killer.
  2. SeanBruschi54

    SeanBruschi54 In the Starting Line-Up

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    Really good. Thanks for that
  3. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? Supporter

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    Did you just five star your own thread? :p

    Sounds like good stuff. I'll check it out when I get home.
  4. JSn

    JSn Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    No, but it is a mighty nice thread... ;)

    Also, it's interesting, when Bill breaks down the Bunks kicking game, he mentions how they lost their great returner last week and inserted a rookie who rocked it. I really think Tate will play Sunday on ST's and maybe even some late tidy-up snaps at WR.
  5. Patspsycho

    Patspsycho Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    the... bunks..?
  6. JSn

    JSn Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Seems apt considering the amount they nap on the field.
  7. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    On heartbreakers:

    I saw almost all of those games, starting with the Raiders in 1976. I agree with most of them, but I would find a special place for that loss to the Broncos in the playoffs in 2006. That bummed me out bigtime.

    Also, with time, I now consider the loss to the Colts to be worse than the loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl.
  8. Gwedd

    Gwedd Supporter Supporter

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    Me too. I was in the hospital, recovering from surgery, and trying to watch that game through the fog of my medicines. I would have sworn anything that Watson knocked the ball out and into the endzone before it broke the plane, and should have been a touchback. I still feel that way. However, I was grateful for the meds after the game, as I was so angry and frustrated that i just wanted to drift away. Thank goodness I could. :D
  9. Dragda

    Dragda Yes, it's really me... Supporter

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    What are you guys "watching?" That link just takes me to the Patriots homepage. I could order a Patriots license plate or blog in Spanish, but I'm not seeing anything I can watch to line up with the comments here...
  10. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    Click on video archive, and all access is your first choice
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