Patriots Acquire CB Aqib Talib At Trade Deadline

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    Patriots Acquire CB Aqib Talib At Trade Deadline
    By: Derek Havens

    The New England Patriots have acquired cornerback Aqib Talib from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a trade deadline deal. The Patriots traded a 2012 fourth-round pick to the Bucs for Talib and a 2013 seventh-round pick. ...

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    Some media reactions:

    Christopher Price: It Is What It Is » A closer look at Patriots’ decision to acquire Aqib Talib |

    The 6-foot-1, 205-pound corner, who was acquired along with a seventh-round pick in 2013 for a fourth-round pick in 2013, has an excellent on-field rep — he has 18 interceptions and 53 passes defensed over the course of his four-plus years in the NFL. Talib was at his best in 2009 and 2010, when he finished with a combined 11 interceptions in 26 games played. In his career, he has 182 tackles, 53 passes defensed and 18 interceptions.

    He brings an edge to the field, and if/when he gets up to speed in New England’s system, he has all the tools to become an impact player in the Patriots defense. For a secondary that has struggled mightily at times this season, the acquisition of a playmaker like Talib would be a huge addition.​

    Greg Bedard: Trade for Talib a desperate move for Patriots - Extra Points -

    Now that we know the Patriots traded a fourth-round pick (and received a seventh back), I personally don't like the deal as much. But if this season ends with a Super Bowl title, it's obviously a terrific move. It does speak to the Patriots' obvious desperation at the position.

    "Are you kidding me?" one AFC personnel executive said when told of the terms. "A fourth-round pick for a character risk? How was Tampa Bay able to land that price? Who were (the Patriots) competing against?"

    Another AFC executive said "it all depends" on if the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

    "It's a desperation move but the guy is lockdown corner, a good player," he said. "Good press cover guy. But a complete and utter fool as a person."

    That's why, as a low-round trade, the move makes a lot of sense. But by sending a fourth-round pick and signing Talib to a contract extension -- which is likely given the terms; you don't send a fourth for a seven-game rental -- then the Patriots are essentially doubling down on a player who has consistently been a character problem before and after entering the league.

    So we'll have to see on final judgment of the trade. Now that Talib is here, that's moot anyway.​

    Mike Reiss: New England Patriots smart to gamble on cornerback Aqib Talib - espnBoston

    A 2013 fourth-round draft choice represents good value for both teams -- the building-for-the-future Buccaneers weren't going to re-sign Talib, so they get something in return for a player who wasn't part of their future; the young but championship-contending Patriots can spare a midrounder (they've selected 40 players in the past four drafts).

    The deal is similar to what we saw in 2003 when the Patriots acquired nose tackle Ted Washington from the Chicago Bears ... or in 2007 when they acquired receiver Randy Moss from the Oakland Raiders ... or in 2010 when they acquired receiver Deion Branch from the Seattle Seahawks.

    In each case, the price was a fourth-rounder. In each case, the player addressed a major trouble spot for a legitimate championship-contending team.​

    Rick Stroud, Tampa Bay Times: Bucs made Talib trade with a long-term view | Tampa Bay Buccaneers blog: Bucs Beat | & Tampa Bay Times

    When doing so, one thing becomes clear: This trade is made with a long-term view. For the Patriots, it’s a decidedly short-term move, one made to tighten up their pass defense as they hopefully make a postseason run. Some media in New England have even called this a desperate move by coach Bill Belichick.

    But for the Bucs, who might get into the playoff race but aren’t considered a Super Bowl contender, looking ahead is smart. The Bucs are not a better team right now after trading their top cover man.

    But the truth is, Talib wasn’t going to be here, anyway. His contract was set to expire after this season, and if you think his re-signing was imminent, we have a really nice bridge to show you.

    The Bucs, in effect, grabbed a fourth-round pick for their troubled former first-round pick in exchange for letting him walk eight games earlier.

    They may come to second-guess themselves depending on how the rest of the season goes. They’ve still got another game against Drew Brees, one against Peyton Manning and two against the Falcons. They could use Talib down the stretch, and there’s no arguing that.​
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