Patriots A "Force" To Be Reckoned With

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Article, Sep 25, 2007.

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    Star Wars gives us the guidance we need this week...

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    I loved it until you brought up Easterbrook, what trash !! How nice of you to provide a link. As I've said before, the destruction of the tapes and material makes perfect sense ! I'm stunned how many people are confused by this.

    The NFL made it clear they wanted to be sure any material obtained because Bill misunderstood a rule couldn't be used by the coach in the future, nothing more !! Goodell said so, " If I find anything that the Pats haven't already disclosed, they'll be more action taken " Do you really think they bothered to review every tape or document ?? No, they got their letter from the Pats saying this was all the material, then they dumped all the crap in an incinerator. Again, since they can't figure how the 1st tape got on Fox, destroying the material as quickly as possible before a tape or 2 vanishes, again, makes perfect sense.

    I loved how after Goodell spoke, all the talking heads were all excited about what the NFL would find on those tapes. I almost started crying I was laughing so hard when they were wondering if the Pats had done this in the past and what would the NFL do when they found more evidence. HOW STUPID WERE THESE GUYS !!! Everything was right there in front of them, but there they were on national TV wondering what the NFL was gonna do if they found that the Pats had done this before the Jets game.

    These writers and TV talking heads make so much money and they didn't see this ?? Now I have to read Easterbrook because you say it's good reading, are you kidding me !! People can be so simple sometimes it's sad !

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