Patriots 4th in Total Offense...

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    in the entire NFL at 367.8yds/game.

    Some other interesting tidbits-

    While only 16th in passing offense, we do lead Cincy, Seattle, Carolina, Pittsburgh and KC (albeit w/ Green out) and are only a .5yds/game behind Dallas.

    We are 3rd in rushing yds./game in the NFL with 154, but are far behind 1 and 2 - Atlanta @ 234/game and SD @ 195/game. The vaunted Denver running is 4th.

    Even with all our 'struggles' we are 11th in scoring with 22pts/game. the Jets lead the AFC East in scoring with 24/game.

    As Mike Reiss noted yesterday - the Pats are 7th in the NFL in scoring Defense at 16pts/game. The surprise in this category? KC at number 6.

    Josh Miller and the punting squad, far and away lead the league with 13 punts downed inside the 20. the next best is 10. 20 other teams don't even have 7.

    Interestingly, while we are middle of the pack in yards allowed per rushing attempt with 3.7, the Pats are ahead of two notable defenses in the Bears (4.0/carry) and Denver (3.9/carry). Of course, the Bears have only allowed ONE OFFENSIVE TD in 4 games!

    LoMo's 4.9yds/rushing attempt leads all NFL backs with at least 60 carries. (Tatum Bell with 58 carries does avg. 5.1/carry.) In this category Maroney leads such notables as Addai, Dunn, Portis, Barber, Larry and Rudi Johnson. L.T., Kevin Jones, Parker, and McGahee.

    Brady has only been sacked 4 times, tied for second fewest. Culpepper leads the way with 21 (no one else has more than 15) times sacked and 150 yds lost.

    Brady is tied for third with 6 TD passes. Pennington leads the AFC East with a 102.3 QB Rating, Brady is next at 80.7. Only McNabb and Grossman lead Pennington's 8.3yds/passing attempt. David Carr is the NFL's highest rated passer @ 108.9.

    The Colts are allowing 155yds/game rushing - only two teams are worse.
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    Wow! Who would have thought? :eek:
    With all the whining going on around here the last 3 weeks you would have thought that we were deal last in those categories.
  3. BelichickFan

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    Yes, indeed, the sky is not falling after all.

    Like I, and others, have said, the real disasters this year have just been breakdowns which Belichick will usually get fixed.

    - Unimaginable OL breakdown on first offensive play vs. Buffalo.
    - Horrible luck on the jester TD after Scott's big hit.
    - Horrible tackling on the Coles TD.
    - Picture perfect pass vs. good coverage on first Denver TD.
    - Blown coverage/bad tackle on second Denver TD.

    A bunch of mostly self generated big plays against us that we have every reason to think won't be a continual problem.

    And the offense has been generally good all things considered. Despite the seeming disaster vs. Denver we were only outgained by 30 yards in the game. We played them fairly even, they just made the plays that mattered and we didn't. Of course, that's a recipe for losing but with he running game and Brady I don't expect it to continue. 11th in scoring is actually impressive given that we've missed 3 FG, passed up on another one at the end of the Denver game, could have kicked one at the end of the Buffalo game, and until last week had no turnovers that helped score (the only one was Bruschi's to end the jester game).
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    Numbers certainly can be deceiving - like having 15,000 posts doesn't mean you know anything about football! ;)

    Actually I'm very much with NEM on this one. W's are the only important stat, though I focus a lot of attention on Points For and Points Against - and as of last week we were about even in that category - very much suggesting that we were an average to above average team.

    I can live with that in September - but not in January, which is when I want my team to be peaking.
  5. BelichickFan

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    At the end of the season, sure. After 4 weeks, it's too small of a sample size to just look at points. If you're moving the ball consistently you're likely to find the points on the scoreboard at the end of the season even if you don't after 4 games. Just like I think our defense has played well despite being just OK in points based on some big plays which I don't expect to continue.
  6. Brownfan80

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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Bravo!
  7. Pat_Nasty

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    The stats that I pay the most attention to are's. Are people on these boards pretty familiar with them?
  8. ATippett56

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    Best comeback of the year!

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  9. SeanBruschi54

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    Why is that so deceiving? He's one of the best Quarterbacks in the league on a bad team right now. So whats so wrong with that?
    Once again so what? There offense has lost a good chunk of their offensive line and Trent Green has been down. Is that really so out there?

    The Jets have been scoring a ton of points due to the fact that they have no running game. No running game = more pass attempts, more pass attempts = a higher scoring probability along with a high turnover ratio.

    With your argument i can argue that the Wins and Losses stat is another deceiving argument.
  10. D-cleater

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    Great post Buttboy, I for one will admit that I am pleasantly surprised.

    I do think these are very telling stats, indicating that the offense could be doing much , much worse given our losses at WR :

    And if anyone thinks that the Jets are not a team that is on the rise, think again. I think they will compete for a wildcard when its all said and done, if not this year definitely next.
  11. Brady'sButtBoy

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    I think you may be right about the Jets. You look at the rest of their schedule and they seem to be a lock for 9 wins if Pennington is healthy. Likely wins in blue...

    Sun 10/8 at Jacksonville 4:05 pm
    Sun 10/15 Miami 4:15 pm
    Sun 10/22 Detroit 1:00 pm
    Sun 10/29 at Cleveland 4:15 pm
    Sun 11/12 at New England 1:00 pm
    Sun 11/19 Chicago 1:00 pm
    Sun 11/26 Houston 1:00 pm
    Sun 12/3 at Green Bay 1:00 pm
    Sun 12/10 Buffalo 1:00 pm
    Sun 12/17 at Minnesota 1:00 pm
    Mon 12/25 at Miami 8:30 pm
    Sun 12/31 Oakland 1:00 pm

    In fact, if the Jets some how beat Jax this week then Jesters would be a prime position to make the playoffs with a head to head win over Jax, another wildcard only team.
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  12. BelichickFan

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    Yeah they have our offense ranked 7th this week so that's in the same ballpark that we're talking. Defensively they have us 23rd - I am confident we're better than that although we'll have to eliminate the big plays we were allowing Weeks 2 & 3 for that to be true.
  13. JoeSixPat

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    Exactly - which is why I say its a non-issue in September but not in January.

    Still 4 games is 25% of the way through the regular season - its early but is a time when you start paying attention to trends.
  14. JoeSixPat

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    Right - or Brady's all-time "greatest" season last year in terms of yards passing... gee, I kindof thought winning SBs made for a great season even if he didn't lead the league in passing (like another QB we know).

    The Denver game is a perfect example - 55 passes thrown can make for some pretty impressive offensive stats.

    The problem is, anytime Brady is throwing 55 passes we are in TROUBLE because it probably means we're down by a few TDs and have had to abandon a smashmouth, run the football, let the clock runout type of game plan.

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