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Pat kirwan on the charger's system

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Nov 9, 2006.

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    " Does San Diego have the right system? The names keep changing but the results stay the same? First, the Chargers lost LB Steve Foley after an altercation with an off-duty police officer -- he had 4? sacks last year. Next his replacement, Shaun Phillips (six sacks), went down with an injury. Then the team's leading sack master, Shawne Merriman (8? sacks), is out serving a four-game suspension. Any 3-4 defense without its top three outside linebackers should struggle to get to the quarterback in most situations, but not in the case of the Chargers. On Sunday, San Diego generated five sacks without its top linebackers. This may be the time to start studying the Chargers' scheme, as well as their ability to identify and secure talent. Marques Harris, a second-year player from Southern Utah, had one of those five sacks as a replacement linebacker. Harris also scored a touchdown on a fumble"

    The pats should get some linebackers like these..
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    #54 Jersey

    No doubt San Diego is stacked, they are as talented as any team in the league. They have drafted very well but also have benefitted from being so bad. 3 times since 2001 they have picked in the top 5. Not exactly a model that we would want the Pats to follow.

    Year Round Overall Player
    2001 1 5 LaDainian Tomlinson Texas Christian RB
    2001 2 32 Drew Brees
    2002 1 5 Quentin Jammer Texas DB
    2003 1 30 Sammy Davis Texas A&M DB
    2004 1 1 Eli Manning (traded for P. Rivers. and 2005 #1 which ended up being Merriman)
    2005 1 12 12 Shawne Merriman
    2005 1 28 28 Luis Castillo
    2006 1 19 19 Antonio Cromartie

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