Parcells regrets leaving

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by lurker1965, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. lurker1965

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    Polite blather how if he and Kraft were to do it again...
  2. Gumby

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    bspn has it too. amazing how multiple news outlets always seem to have the same story

    regardless, BP can spin it like 'we both made mistakes and would do it differently, ' and RK is a genteel enough guy that he will play along and be gracious and forgiving......

    BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY; YOU WERE THE COACH (read EMPLOYEE) He was the guy who put down more money than I will see in my lifetime ON CREDIT to own the franchise.

    You were the guy who SAT Drew B's GO-TO guy (TB) and didnt even put him on the active 45, who failed to put a TE on the right side of the OL, and had them go ahead and KICK to the fastest returner in the league.....IN OTHER WORDS .... you were an intentionally treasonous biiiiiitch with HURT FEELINGS who didnt give it his all.

    Benedict Arnold was one of America's most brilliant tactician-generals, until.........well, you know West Point and all.

    I hope you NEVER EVER make it into the Pats HoF. But that's just me, and otherwise..... have a nice life.
  3. FortressX

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    Big Tuna rocks.

    I hold no ill will towards him.
  4. Jackson 2

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    Kraft clearly seemed meddlesome at that time, but Bill P. screwed that one up. And I will never forgive him completely for spending what apparently was a full week before the 96 SB playing footsie with the Jest. That said, he was very important in the rise of the franchise.
  5. Tunescribe

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    Good rant! I was prepared to like Tuna again but you cured me.
  6. fnordcircle

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    Can you give me one example of how Kraft was 'clearly' meddlesome?

    Note: Siding with the guy you've put in charge of player personnel does not constitute being meddlesome in my book. Grier really **** the bed in the 97 draft and the 98 draft went down the tubes the moment Robert Edwards' knee became a rubber band. But the 96 draft and the 95 draft, which both had Grier's stamp on them, were pretty amazing.
  7. Jackson 2

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    Sure- Terry Glenn.
  8. Tunescribe

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    I think Tuna wanted a defensive lineman with that pick. Can't recall who, or whether he had much of a career.
  9. Fencer

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    I really, really, really don't think Parcells lost the Super Bowl on purpose.

    However, it's fair to blame him for not focusing all his energies on preparing to win it.
  10. Joker

    Joker Supporter Supporter

    you guys forgetting something???


    I wonder if HE regrets Parcells regrets...?
  11. Jackson 2

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    His name was Cedric Jones. Ironically, I think a WR of the same name played with NE at one time, I think earlier.
  12. ctpatsfan77

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    "Tunascribe" just doesn't have the right ring to it. ;)
  13. Get it shawtaay

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    I don't regret Parcells leaving.
  14. Joker

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    I regret the poison pill he used to steal Curtis Martin's best years from us...
  15. Claremonster

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    He ended up a Jacksonville Jag I believe.

    Parcells leaving was truly a blessing in disguise (BB wouldn't have been here as a result). Maybe NY? It was meant to be...
  16. lurker1965

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    I agree. All's well that ends well, etc. I forgive Parcells for being a douche, but I'll never forget he was a douche.

    A nd lest we forget, he was hired to make the team better ... when they moved to St. Louis.
  17. RayClay

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    Elevating Bobby Grier to head of personnel wasn't a mistake? Obviously doesn't excuse Parcell's actions, but Kraft made mistakes.
  18. BrickPat

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    I saw an interview where Kraft himself alluded to making mistakes early in his ownership and dealing with BP- stated he would do some things differently given what he knows today. In hindsight that is a great thing given that whatever lessons Kraft was referring to helped make him the #1 owner in the NFL today.
  19. DarrylS

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    I agree, Kraft admitted he was raw and naive.

    But Parcells was at best a mercenary, between the stints that he abruptly left the Jets, Dallas and Miami proved that and the three retirements.

    Suspect that Bill is on some type of contrition tour, to increase his likeability.. always thought he had ADD or something.. remember when the Dallas Fans were rejoicing when they hired him, I added it will only be for a short time.
  20. PatsWickedPissah

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    I can never forgive them for picking Chris Canty. I was at Smithfield and standing next to him I (Welker sized) dwarfed this #1 pick with the skinny calves and big head. Standing next to 5'11" super buffed Ty Law the dwarf looked ridiculous.

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