Parcells completely misses owners meeting...not a news item for Borges et al...

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    First saw this alluded to on PFT and found an article from Az. Is this not a newsworthy item?? How come the assclown media press in Boston; Cafardo, Borges and Crew did not report this item Parcells did not even show up at all, however all over BB's "arrogance" when he left early...

    Even though the lead item of our annual April Fool's edition regarding the resignation of Cowboys coach Bill Parcells is phony, we're hearing rumors that Parcells might indeed pack it in after three years with the Cowboys.

    The catalyst for the speculation is the addition of former Eagles receiver Terrell Owens, which might have occurred without the input or over the objection of the head coach.

    Parcells has said nothing about the arrival of Owens, and Parcells was the only coach who blew off the ownership meetings in Florida this week. His absence has fueled talk that he's very unhappy with the signing of Owens, and that Parcells doesn't want to have to talk about the situation to the media, or to anyone else

    Parcells' silence is deafening

    Randy Galloway
    Fort Worth Star-Telegram
    Mar. 30, 2006 10:32 PM
    Two weeks later, and the rumors and the doomers continue to surface.
    National speculation centers on Big Bill not being pleased that his locker-room chapel will now be fouled by the football devil himself, Eldorado Owens.
    In other words, blame it on Jerry.
    I read it twice this week in dispatches from the NFL owners' meetings in Orlando, where Bill Parcells was again a no-show. The only coach in the league who wasn't in attendance.
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    Just selective focus...typical....making a story out of nothing and not giving all the facts so as to have readers believe one thing..that is NOT true..typical deceitful scum reporting..

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