Paolantonio Dives Into the Tank for His Hometown Comcast

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by shmessy, May 12, 2008.

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  1. shmessy

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    Very interesting whether some suit from his hometown corporation got to Sal:

    Normally, this is a pretty good reporter who does his homework. However, the above paragraph is embarrassing to him and will follow him for a long time.

    Sal, you could have answered that question by merely looking at the Estrella situation.

    Concealing?????? Estrella was on the sidelines in public before 78,000 people in the largest market in the nation. He was standing there with an over the shoulder large cam pointed no more than 30 yards across the field at the sideline led by the one current head coach in the NFL who had more years of working with Bill Belichick than any other. Oh, and Sal, Estrella was garbed in Patriot staff clothing. He was as discreet as Osama Bin Laden at the Kentucky Derby.

    Sal, Matt Walsh can answer those questions any way imaginable tomorrow. He has indemnity and has proven to be an (ahem) questionable character. How about just checking out the facts before you carry out your duties for the hometown cable corporation?
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  2. RhodyPatriot

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    Been amazing (but not surprising in any way) to watch the media carry the water for all kinds of agendas with this story but notice how their agenda never goes to the activities of OTHER NFL teams. That will change after tomorrow when the Patriots start to point out a few things.
    The media has collectively embarrassed itself in their witch hunt "coverage" of this story. Going to be very interesting to watch that pendulum swing the other way.
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