Pacino or DeNiro?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lifer, Dec 12, 2008.

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    I think Bill Simmons did this a while ago. But seeing as they are my 2 favorite actors of all time I find it very interesting.
    Simmons came to the conclusion that DeNiro has a slight edge because of his comedys like Meet the Parents, Analyze This, and Midnight Run.
    True enough, however, I can answer that with 2 movies.
    Richard III and Sea of Love. Maybe even Insomnia.
    Ive never seen DeNiro do something like Richard III. And Romantic lead, when it doesnt involve attempted rape like in Once Upon A Time In America, is not something hes done a lot either.
    sometimes its fun to just run down their movies and picture if the other could have played it.
    i'll start with one they were both in, could they have switched roles?
    Godfather II - DeNiro did audition for the role of Michael in Godfather I. Not sure he would show the vulnerability Pacino did. But Pacino might not have had the coolness to bring as much to Vito.
    Dog Day Afternoon- DeNiro would been too much of a lunatic IMO.
    Serpico - I could see DeNiro pulling this one off.
    Taxi Driver - Pacino wouldnt have been as scary..but, maybe,....
    King of Comedy - Nope, again DeNiro's edge is humor.
    The Deer Hunter - This is one I would love to have seen Pacino try, I think he could have pulled it off.
    And Justice For All - Pacino actually didnt do badly with some comic scenes, hes more lawyerly though, than DeNiro.
    Author Author - One where I would liked to see DeNiro have a try, But again, Pacino a little better at the romance thing.
    Raging Bull - Hands down no way..this was Robert DeNiros role.
    Sea Love - this time the other way around. Romantic Police guy is Al Pacinos specialty
    Dick Tracy - Hands down no way...this was Al Pacino;s role, and makes me now totally re-think the comedy angle. Pacino can do comedy, he just hasnt let us see it enough. But he WAS Big Boy.
    Goodfellas - this is really interesting. I could almost see Pacino, in a way that he played his role in Gelngarry Glen Ross, pulling this off, but its kind of like hearing McCartney do "Strawberry Fields". Its surprisingly good, but its Lennons song forever.
    Casino - Nope, this is DeNiros again.

    thats just a few......discuss
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    Pacino for me, and it's not because he's the fashinable guy to like either. I really do like his acting and one film I really liked him in was Any Given Sunday.
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    Pacino. Cuz he looked like me at one time:cool:
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    Being a full blooded paesan, I can only say foghettaboutit. They're both terrific actors.
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    P A C I N O! I have ALL his movies and he's my all time favorite actor! :D
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