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  1. PatsWSB47

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    Did anyone get stuck in P10 on Sunday? :mad: I got there at 2:45 hoping for a good spot in another lot but as escorted ito this huge black-topped monster. That was bad enough but there was only a few port-a-potties for the entire lot. I think $40 bucks for the spot buys a better than than a 10-15 minute wait to take a leak! Other than that I can't complain. The rest of the night more than made up for it:rocker:
  2. Tunescribe

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    They opened the lots that early? My buddy was late meeting up with me so I missed getting into my favorite private lot, which was full. I think I ended up in P11, which is that big grassy field across from the stadium. How long did it take you to get out after the game? Do you know what time the lots open for the Bills game?
  3. Eugene Chung

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    We had an awful time trying to park in P8. We usually take back roads through Sharon. We got to the Foxboro border off of Mechanic St. by 4:15 and traffic was stop-and-go for the remaining 4 miles. We ended up getting into P8 at 6. In my ten years of going to games, I had never seen that. I hope they can fix this for Sunday. :confused:
  4. BelichickFan

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    I give you guys credit for putting out $40 just to park. If you go to 2 preseason games, 2 home playoff games and 8 regular season games that's about $500 a year just to park.

    No thanks.
  5. Crowpointer

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    I think I found out the answer for this from a cop who was at my tailgate. We too were sitting not moving right at the exit off of 95. Guys were getting out there cars and throwing footballs it was so bad. The cop I met later at the tailgate told me it is a cat and mouse game between Kraft and the state. Apparently Kraft pays for the police detail for 2006 right before the 2007 season. Because of this the order comes down from the state powers to shut down route 1 until it is exactly 4 hours before kickoff. Not one second early. They park their cruisers next to each other beside the McDonalds to completely block the road. It is only for the first game (according to this guy) and this week they will allow you to line up outside the lots before the 4 hour rule.
  6. Eugene Chung

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    I hope it's due to that. It looked like the new/reconfigured lots weren't helping matters as well. P8 looked like it was half the size of last year's layout due to the Bass Pro Shop and Circuit City.
  7. PatsWSB47

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    Yeah P11 is the one I wanted but that wasn't open yet. They are not supposed to open untill 4 hours before the game but last year the tree line spots were already taken even when we goyt there 4 hours before. I took a chance and left extra early to get there but it back fired. it looks like they are dictating where the traffic parks based on lot openning times.
  8. bresna

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    Sounds plausible, but why didn't that happen last year? In fact, I went to the previous 2 season openers and neither of them was this bad.

    The traffic was the worst in 6 years of going to games.

    Even worse was that P2, my usual lot, is not only 1/3 smaller, but now they merge the exit lanes down to *one* lane!! Now you have 8,000 cars all trying to leave by a single lane. Last year, they had all 4 exit lanes merging down to 2 and going onto route 1. Now it's 1 the whole way out with the staties only letting 10-20 cars out at a time? Stupid. I was parked within 100 yards of the gate and for maybe 35 minutes, I didn't move 1 foot.
  9. Vern

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    You pretty much MUST park on the other side of Rt. 1 from the stadium at this point. I got there about 5:30 and was routed into P11. In the preseason, due to less attendance, P11 was still shut at that point and I went to P10S. Getting out was ok.

    My beef is all those fences in front of the UBid.com gate. We had to fight to get through this tiny gap because of how we were routed by the pedestrian lanes over to the wrong end of the stadium.
  10. andrewssix

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    We parked in P10 too. We got in at 2:00pm (that was great!) and there were a lot of others that were in before us, but we had the same complaints about the port-a -potties and a lack of garbage cans. We stayed for the entire game, and when we got to our car, there was almost no wait to exit the parking lot. Route 1 was stop and go, of course, but it was actually the fastest departure from Gillette that we have ever had.
  11. PatsGuy

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    We had the same problem,stopping cold as soon as we got off 95 to rt1. We got back on 95 and cut mechanic/north st. When we arrived at our usual lot (the strip mall accross and north of the stadium) we were told the new fee was $50.00!! :eek:

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