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Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by Underdog, May 17, 2010.

  1. Underdog

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    At least 5 needed, short money ($20 plus a couple each to cover mfl costs).

    Most, but not all, owners are Pats fans, as indicated by the league name. Click here to check out rules, etc.:

    Fantasy Football: NERFPLAY (New England Regional Fans PLus Additional Yahoos)

    Currently available teams are:

    Conan The Librarian
    Inspector 22
    The Sopranos
    Vacant Lot
    Dem Bones

    Post or PM me with interest and/or questions. Thanks!
  2. Underdog

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    Update - the Conan the Librarian team is off the market, and one of the other spots has been claimed, as well (he hasn't decided which team he's taking yet).

    Also, I misspoke slightly before...the couple extra bucks is to cover leaguesafe charges...the mfl fees are included in the other $20. Bottom line is still it's $22 a year to play. Thanks!
  3. Underdog

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    Vacant Lot is off the board.

    PYRO_LION Rookie

    Still room in this league?
  5. Underdog

    Underdog On the Roster

    Yes. Same 3 teams are still available (Inspector 22, Dem Bones, and Soprano).

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