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    had to post it again to create a poll....

    It was obvious to me immediately after hearing the news break yesterday, and then hearing it start to be pulled back, that Owens & co. were going to go into total spin control. Shut down the fire station talking. Shut down the police station talking. Schedule news conferences to 'set the record straight'.
    same old, same old with athletes in trouble.
    total cover up and denial.
    wasn't the least bit surprised to see Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin spouting their support for his story as well. And the Media all followed along - not wanting to come across as politically incorrect, of course.
    but I didn't buy a second of it. To me it was as obvious as the light of day from the moment it started that it was all just total lies. why do you think those people directing them during the press conferences were so anxous to get them in and get them off quickly? they knew, the longer they stayed out there, the more likely they would say something to blow their cover and get their storied mixed up. It was so apparant. The woman when asked about pulling the pills from the mouth started stammering 'their might have been some pills that fell out' and quickly started claiming she was mixed up. Just so ridiculous. And it's really a complete insult to the american public's intelligence that they expect you peope to but this. But I guess he had to to keep from losing his big salary.

    yeah, yeah, I know all about how TO has a problem, and it's serious and we should respect that and feel sorry for him and hope he gets help.
    thanks for that.

    But what I'm interested in is, how many of you people buy his BS?
    What percentage of the folks on this message board actually swallowed his story and think he isn't lying? I'm just interested in seeing the breakdown.

    By the way, I find it very interesting as well that ESPN doesn't have a poll for this as well. they almost always have a poll right away asking what people really think about key issues of the day, especially those involving a 'who do you believe?' type of scenario. the reason is the same as all the median types acting like they buy his story - afraid of being critisized for being insensitive to this guys tragic issues. I think it would be very interesting to seee espn get nation wide results to who thinks TO is lying...

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