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    The whole "Lavar is a head case with a bad attitude" line is blown out of proportion. Did anyone ever take the time to read and really see what really happened in Washington??? He doesn't have a perfect track record, but comparing him to LT is unfounded. I've met the man and he was a nice guy. He was active in the community in the DC area. Keep in mind a man named Daniel Snyder runs the team down there.

    Think I'm crazy, read this article.

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    Lavar lives in Annapolis, I wonder if BB is going to visit his mom there.
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    Great stuff Jdub.

    Living in Maryland, I am privy to much of Lavar's radio visits on the John Thompson and Tony Kornheiser shows on WTEM.

    This is a thoughtful, well-spoken, funny and mature individual.

    The fact that he also is a 27 year old defensive machine has me drooling for the Pats to pick him up.

    Dan Snyder, on the other hand is a sick human being. The fact that he has it out for Lavar only increases my opinion of the young Mr. Arrington.
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