Over 160 sickened in Indy last weekend

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  1. Pat the Pats Fan

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    INDIANAPOLIS - The Marion County Health Department says more than 160 people have claimed they became ill after eating at an Olive Garden restaurant in Indianapolis last weekend.

    A spokesman for the Marion County, Indiana, Health Department says restaurant patrons reported symptoms including nausea, vomiting, fever and diarrhea.

    A health department spokesman says they're trying to isolate the cause and have found no health code violations at the restaurant on the city's north side. Health officials are collecting leftover food and stool samples from those who were stricken in an effort to pinpoint the source of the illness.


    Gee, could it have been the patrons were watching the Colts game at the time.
  2. Tunescribe

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    I doubt it. Indy fans aren't that passionate about their team. More likely they overdosed on Peyton Manning commercials.
  3. taltos

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    Could anyone check and see if Peyton was making a personal appearance at the same time?
  4. IndyKen

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    Funny thing is - I was headed to this exact restaurant last weekend, and decided at the last minute not to go.....:)
  5. denverpatsfan

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    Why would anybody eat at Olive Garden? What do you expect?
  6. Box_O_Rocks

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    Some people like their meals pre-digested.
  7. PatsWickedPissah

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    Word up is there's a class action suit against Peyton over this. He was overheard in the Olive Garden kitchen yelling "Cut that meat!"
  8. mikiemo83

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    what do you expect, corn chowder, corn on th ecod, corn fed beef, corn fed chicken, corn dogs, corn bread, corn cobbler

    I would get sick too
  9. shirtsleeve

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    Why, did one of the waitresses have braces?:D

    HAMMERMILL On the Game Day Roster

    "check it to the emergency room"
  11. chris_in_sunnyvale

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    I know some health officials in Indianapolis that will shudder upon hearing the words "Olive Garden" for the rest of their lives.


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