Our problems, in a nutshell

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    Our problems, in a nutshell:

    * Wide receivers lack speed and ability to get separation.

    * Matt Light is no longer "the man" at left tackle.

    * Linebackers lack speed.

    * Bruschi is consistently getting overpowered in the middle.

    * Ken Walter cannot punt.

    * Dillon just isn't as explosive as he used to be.

    * Seymour is having a quiet year (somewhat injury related).

    * We don't have a breakaway threat at punt returner.

    * Defense hasn't scored since the safety against Buffalo in week one.

    * Defensive backfield has been unsettled most of the season due to injury.

    * Players mysteriously MIA: Doug Gabriel, Dave Thomas, Chad Jackson.

    * Injuries, injuries, and more injuries: Mel Mitchell, Don Davis, Tebucky Jones, Garrett Mills, Josh Miller, Junior Seau, Ryan O'Callaghan, Rodney Harrison, Eugene Wilson, Laurence Maroney ... and after Sunday, who knows?
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  2. CTPatsFan

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    The injuries have been killers. The other problems are by no means insignificant, though.
  3. Michigan Dave

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    I disagree. From what I saw in person at the Chicago game, and the limited wide shots on TV in the other games, I think the receivers are getting separation, I think we don't get the protection to enable Brady to hit them.


    With the exception of Colvin. I thought Colvin had the lone great game yesterday. He was everywhere. He has speed, and has been making plays.


    Ken Walter is an absolute joke. The field position battle yesterday was the key to the game. Our offense was limited because their punting game schooled ours.

    While I don't think he has the speed he used to have, I think CD's an effective runner, but he's being misused. They are too interested in platooning this year, and with Maroney out yesterday, Dillon didn't get a chance to finish drives. I remember one specific series he had a couple of good runs, then gave us about 8 yards on 1st down. He immediately sat on 2nd and 3rd when we needed 2, and we were forced to punt. That was baffling.

    He really looked frustrated. Injuries play a big part, but he needs to step his game up.

    I don't think this is a huge deal. Faulk can get us decent field position. We're noticing this more because of the offensive struggles.

    Wow. I never realized that.

    True, but they haven't been playing that poorly.

    This is huge. Gabriel's absence baffles me. He makes plays. I wish I knew what was going on there. Jackson is an enigma, because it's tough to battle that injury during the season, let alone as a rookie WR.

    <sigh>, sadly, the story of the Pats lately. It's depressing. I just hope big Vince and Watson are able to play.
  4. BelichickFan

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    Things I would change are :

    - Get rid of Walter. Duh.

    - Get Gabriel back in there fulltime. Say what you want about his limitations but he was producing before the fumble.

    - Get Dillon and Maroney (once he's back) at least 15 carries a game each, preferably 20.

    - Get at least 5 passes a game to Maroney.

    Not sure what else can be done now. We have other problems but they'll have to wait until the offseason.
  5. Jimke

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    Compare the Tedy Bruschi and the Matt Light of 2003-2004 vs the 2005-2006


    Compare Deon Branch, David Givens, David Patten, Troy Brown and

    Bethel Johnson vs Reche Caldwell, Doug Gabriel, Chad Johnson, Troy Brown,

    and Jabar Gaffney.

    Compare Mike Vrabel, Willie McGinest, Tedy Bruschi, Ted Johnson,

    Roman Phifer, and Rosevelt Colvin vs Mike Vrabel, Tedy Bruschi,

    Junior Seau, Rosevelt Colvin, TBC, Eric Alexander, Pierre Woods.

    This is why we are no longer an ELITE team.
  6. Stokes

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    This week, I'd lay most of the blame at: 1. The O-line's pass protection, they were just awful, not only Matt light, but at different times I saw Mankins, Koppen, Neil, and Kazur (sp?) all get beat badly. 2. Second half play calling or a failure of the WRs to get open in time. Brady was getting hassled all day, with Miami blitzing often in the 2nd half, and yet the screen game was out the window, and the WR seemed to be running 15-20 yard patterns instead of breaking off short underneath stuff. I'm not sure if that's a playcall issue, or if they should have been sight adjusting to different routes against the blitz. I guess #3 could be the D later in the game, but I got the feeling they were just exhausted out there after playing basically the whole 2nd half. Plus Vince went down, can't underestimate that. OK I feel better now getting that off my chest.
  7. Brady'sButtBoy

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    Well, judging from yesterday's action around the league, only the Chargers look like an "elite team." No one is very deep, not even the Chargers. Imagine them without LT. Sure Turner looks terrific when he plays here and there, but LT is a true superstar and he makes them tick, not Rivers. And the SD defense looked good but not great against Denver yesterday. Baltimore goes Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, Indy just stinks on D, Jax has no consistency. It's not like we're way worse than these other teams.

    I agree that our D really needs more playmakers, ala Merriman, Ware, or Ed Reed. I love Tedy, but you never hear his name anymore.

    I never thought Matt Light was better than good, certainly not "the man."

    The playcalling seems scattershot, as if the OC doesn't know his own team and can't keep his finger the pulse, can't flow with the team's internal momentum.
  8. JoeSixPat

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    Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
  9. Tunescribe

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    And the point of your joke is ... ?
  10. SVN

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    overall this team has no identity after 13 weeks at least on offense .
    .are we a good running team ? seemd like it first 4 weeks since then we have kinda become pass happy or balanced more for some reason
    are we a good passing team ? if we play minnesota ...
    can we pressure the QB ..? sometimes ...other times our secondary has a hard time covering anyone..

    i think the personnel on this team on offense especially are overwhelmed by the approach of the pats overall week to week which has been to change the offensive philosphy to do what it takes to win...it worked in the past with good players with mental toughness..now we dont see that and i cant expect to see from gaffney,caldwell,gabriel however promising they may be.
  11. JoeSixPat

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    That there's not a whole lot of "brightside" to consider given the size of that "nutshell"
  12. the taildragger

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    couple things to consider Dave...

    First, Chicago played zone coverage most of the game and didn't blitz much either (guarantee you that changes if we face them again in Feb)...Miami locked down on the receivers and they weren't even able to separate on short patterns.

    second, Dillon looked great because they had total disregard for the ground game...had we tried to run more regularly I really can't see them having any trouble stuffing him, can you?...Corey can still run inside and get us the tough yards (and he's an invaluable compliment to Maroney that will be sorely missed one day), but he can't reach the edge and gain positive yards out there anymore...without Maroney we have no perimiter threat (receivers don't help), so not only can we not stretch the defense deep, but w/o Maroney, we can't stretch them wide either (screens can help if you can trust your TEs not to fumble, which they can't).

    any ray of hope they have is gone if Wilfork is lost. He's not as gifted as Sey, but IMO plays a more valuable role...he's the heart of the defense and w/o him, I'm afraid they morph into the run defense of mid-2005...wrong time of year for that. Bruschi hasn't made a play in 2 years, we better focus on LB next year either in FA or draft...with the money we've got I'd love to see us land Briggs.

    Never thought I'd say it but it's safe to say we're dealing with a crisis of confidence here...never good after a performance like that when Bill is looking at the "big picture" or the "bright side"...strong effort against Houston may help lift spirits enough to get ready for all out war against Jacksonville...a team nobody is looking forward to...they're capable of playing better than Baltimore, and might be the strongest home team in football right now other than SD.

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