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    Some random thoughts..
    I know a lot of praise has been thrown brady, moss mcdaniels etc. But anyone wondered how the same scheme and offensive system has been succesfully modified the right way for the new personnel. After weis's departure , its been mcdaniels where we are running the same scheme/playbook for the last 2 yrs. Now with the new players we have moved to a shotgun 3 WR offense so seamlessly. I think as usual this is BB's brainchild.
    I know last yr or 2 back BB went and talked to urban meyer and sent mcdaniels also to talk to him. Anyone see some of those spread offense schemes in this 'new' offense ? Lot of the WR screens remind me of the martz/ram's plays. I have seen them pull that a lot.
    I think one think which has helped this transformation is that our offense doesnt really have a rigid identity. It will run the ball 5 times and throw 50 times if it needs to win or vice versa. Unlike most teams which have "we do what we do" approach or "want to maintain balance" between run and pass , BB doesnt really care.The pats can run the ball quite well but if they see that they need to throw to be successful per game then they will.
    Iam really surprised none of the analysts/experts realize this feature of the pats offense and they keep harping on balance and ratio and all that. They have actually given the same amount of grief to philly every yr and the packers this yr for not running enough times. The old adage "you need to run the ball and stop the run" to win doesnt seem like a foolproof formula anymore.
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