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Our Historical Emotional Rollercoaster

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by IcyPatriot, Sep 8, 2008.

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    #24 Jersey

    Anyone who was a fan of the team in the years before Belichick knows this is all gravy now ... we survived: sorry if I missed any or misordered a few.

    Four stadiums prior to 1971
    Aluminum benches bolted to a concrete bowl.
    The 1978 Chuck Fairbanks suspension.
    Ron Erdhart
    Ron Myer
    The Sullivan - Mihael jackson debacle
    Victor Kiam and the Sullivan Stadium bankruptcy.
    Veris, Tippet & Lippett lost for season in last exhibition game.
    Rod Rust
    Lisa Olsen
    Dick McPherson
    Tom Hodson
    James Orthwein
    Bill Parcells sonn to be defection ruining Super Bowl
    Loss of Curtis Martin
    Pete Carroll
    Possible move to Hartford
    2001 Raider game call paving the way to Super Bowl #1
    Lawyer Milloy loss to ending season winning Super Bowl #2
    Vinatieri great heart stopping field goals
    Eagles almost coming back but winning Super Bowl #3
    Loss of Romeo & Charlie in the same season
    Loss of Vinatieri and the colt's game meltdown
    Super Bowl loss to Giants

    Possible loss of Brady ... just another glitch for us veteran Patriot fans.
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