Our Defense after 4 games

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  1. SVN

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    has been very stout. But did anyone think that our team was a little bit on the heels when palmer got in a groove for that short period of time ? Our pass rush wasnt getting him and he isnt a mobile QB as such and they were hitting 10-20 yard passes. Maybe it was part of the plan to keep the big play away.But its a cause of a little concern when we play dallas which is also putting 30+ pts per game and has very good wideouts and a great TE.
    We have given up less then 14 pts a game which is good but i cant help think that if the cowboys passing game was there last nite we wouldve been in more trouble considering the bengals had no running back really not to mention dallas plays defense better than cincy.
  2. letekro

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    We gave up 13 points on the road to one of the best offenses in the game...without Colvin, Harrison, or Seymour. I don't know what you people want.
  3. FirstAndGoal

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    not at all. I was more concerned about the pressure that the Bengals were getting in the first half. The pocket was closing fast around Brady.

    Also, I don't think the Cowboys have a better passing game than the Bengals. Their danger is in their ability to run if you double down on their receivers and leave too few in the box. The Cowboys are better balanced on offense.
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  4. desi-patsfan

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    I wasnt concerned...neither was i surprised. I love the pats but they are gonna go up against good teams. We're not going to hold everyone to a 3 and out on every try.
  5. scout

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    I'm not convinced of the Cowboy's greatness. People mention the Pats haven't played any team with more then 3 wins. Dallas has played two teams who haven't won a game and the best team they played are the Giants. There will be lots of media attention for this game with many jumping on the Pats bandwagon afterwards, can't wait to listen to the former Cowboy analysts. I don't know what we do with qb's that have a great passing game. Cincy was 0 for on all their third downs, still, there were times when Palmer looked pretty awesome and I kept thinking what would the Colts do on that play. Then again, we'll have two more starters on the field by the time we face them.
  6. Flying Fungi

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    I am completely flabbergasted that Carson Palmer completed any passes. An investigation needs to be launched.
  7. rabthepat

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    We need to tighten up our Red Zone "D". I think other teams are now 6 for 6 with TDs in the Red Zone.
  8. nowayback

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    ok...its a bit of a problem gettng in the red zone. :D
  9. FloridaPatsFan

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    I'm giving the Bengals some credit on throwing some new looks on how to get Brady out of his comfort zone. They really did a good job getting some pressure.

    I was thinking this morning that the Patriots were not able to get the vertical game going the way they were hoping they could. They made adjustments but again, the Bengals were going to live or die by the pass rush and though they came up short, they were in the backfield a lot last night.
  10. Return of the Nizz

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    The Pats were rushing just four almost the whole night, obviously intent on not giving up the big play to Chad or TJ. And it worked. Bengals got 1 TD on a short field.
  11. AndyJohnson

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    If you are complaining about the defense, then you are expecting us to never allow any positive plays.
    The D was FANTASTIC last night, better than the O in fact.
  12. Flying Fungi

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    I disagree--I think this is a function of the zone blocking scheme--the defenders are pulled into the backfield as the OL spreads the opposing DL out and creates running lanes. Tom was sacked once and drew a RTP call for that slap to his helmet. This was actually the second best Offensive output of the season after last week, as the SD and NYJ games involved defensive and special teams points.
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  13. Wildo7

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    Can someone please tell me what the deal with Colvin is/was? People kept asking if he was playing last night and wasn't. Is he injured or what?

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