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  1. RS

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    Sorry to hear about Tom Brady.... that's brutal...

    It's funny... I've been posting here on and off for a few years... I used to slam Brady when I first started posting here because I felt he so overrated by Pats fans and the media. I really didn't think he was that good, and it was annoying watching him win and getting praise that dammit he couldn't have deserved. But now....he's not only the best QB in the league, he is one of my favorite QBs to watch in this league... funny how things work! All the best to him for a quick recovery.

    But the good news is, the Pats will be fine. They have BB. They have so much more talent than they did the last time something like this happened with Bledsoe. The Patriots are not a one man show. They are still a great team, and even though I wouldn't expect another 16-0 season I think it's a mistake to write them off because of this.

    Just watch. You'll see.
  2. SmokeShowin

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    Wow. I was prepared for more slamming.

    Thanks for the thoughts. You are right, we still have BB and have a talented team.
  3. Dino 6 Rings

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    Here's is to wishing your QB The best. I am no record in my own forum as saying I want to play a Pats with a healthy Brady, and win, not play them without Brady. As a fan of a team who has seen a QB bust his face against a winshield, I will not gloat or be happy about the fact your QB is hurt. Hopefully, he can get back soon...so we can beat him later in the season.

    Also...it looked like a penalty to me. If the Kimo rule is what it is, that was not much different than what Kimo did to Palmer in 05.
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