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    Every Friday in the Globe Jim McCabe has an article called "Pro Picks" previewing the weekend's games. I find them very funny. This week's, though, is not just very funny but has a really powerful point to make:

    "Yet another annual meeting of PUPPOB (People Using Power to Pass On the Blame) was about to get underway and there was a buzz in the air. Usually one new member is accepted, but this was a festive occasion, for three candidates had been nominated -- and for accomplishments within a 24-hour time frame, no less.

    ``It's a thrill to be a member of this club," said Brian Billick, the coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Asked what clinched his nomination, he gushed.

    ``I won a Super Bowl with a retread quarterback named Trent Dilfer in my second year with the Ravens, but I got rid of him," said Billick. ``I've personally chosen 17 quarterbacks since then, but we've gone just 46-40, made the playoffs just twice, and gone 1-2 in those games. We haven't made the playoffs since 2003, however, and because we're averaging 18.3 points per game this season after averaging 16.5 under my watch in '05, I'm doing what a PUPPOB member should do -- I'm firing the offensive coordinator [Jim Fassel]."

    The crowd roared, then in unison chanted the group slogan: ``The buck stops somewhere below me."

    It was a perfect way to usher Dennis Green onto the stage. A venomous froth formed as he referenced the debacle his team had been involved in a few nights earlier. Chicago had stunned Arizona and capitalized on two turnovers and a punt return to win, 24-23.

    ``The Bears are who we thought they were and I am who I know I am -- someone who can pass on the blame," Green shouted. ``I said the other night that `we' let them off the hook, but I was `wrong.' I was blameless. `He' let them off the hook, which is why I fired his butt."

    ``The buck stops somewhere below me," roared the crowd, approving Green's treatment of Keith Rowen, the former offensive coordinator.

    ``Remember two years ago? I fired the offensive line coach. No one fires the offensive line coach, but I did," Green screamed. ``I made the decision to cut our best offensive lineman, Pete Kendall, but if you delegate blame efficiently, you keep a step ahead."

    The crowd was ecstatic, even more so when the third new member walked onstage.

    ``I did not take off my helmet and fight anyone from that other school, whomever they were," said Donna Shalala, the president of the University of Miami. ``But I will not sit by idly -- at least not after 48 hours or so. I will be a leader -- after I wash my hands clean of any blame, of course, as I did with last year's Peach Bowl and all those other sordid affairs."

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    :D , great article. I suspect it is going to be very difficult to get to the bottom of the Green v his OC argument. He fired the OC, the OC apparently Green for the playcalling in the second half....
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    The Cardinals OC seemed to be instrumental in scoring points against a very good Bears defence,two players cough up the ball and the Bears score on those turnovers...seems the offence was fine for a while....not many teams are going to score that much against the Bears....Dennis Green will be history after this season.
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    Don't forget, Billick fired Jim Fassel two days after the Ravens offense scored 28 points against arguably the best four man D-Line on earth. Fassel did this while losing starting QB Steve McNair in the 1st quarter to a concussion and bringing in second teamer 1st round bust Kyle Boller.

    BTW, I live in Maryland and have to endure listening to the INSUFFERABLE Brian Billick every 20 minutes or so when listening to the radio in my car. What a gasbag........the only term for this guy.

    I know we all complain about how dry our BB is, but one can really develop a tremendous like for the guy when you put his persona up against the Baltimore BB.
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    Seeing those two knucklehead's in action makes me thank God everyday that we have BB running the show in NE.:cool: This was posted a while ago in the "charlie weis book" thread, but it just shows another examply of why BB is sucessful:

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  6. RayClay

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    Great article.

    You really think thuggery in Miami started with Shalala?

    It might not be appropriate, but since it's out there now what in the third case has anything to do with the very similar cases of the first two?
  7. Box_O_Rocks

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    Of course not, but an essential part of the job description for being a Miami President is a deep rooted approval of thuggery.
  8. RayClay

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    Certainly a tacit acceptance.

    Problem here is, the third example is very unlike the first two and obviously put in there as a political jab.

    I suppose if one hasn't followed Presidential politics closely it wouldn't be apparent, but it is to me.

    By the way, you know those "quotes" aren't actual quotes, right?
  9. Mike the Brit

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    They seem similar enough to me -- the University authorities don't take responsibility for condoning a culture of bestiality and thuggery and, when it becomes impossible to ignore it, do nothing that might actually have an effect. In a half-way decent world, she'd have thrown everyone involved off the team, fired the coach and resigned herself, in my opinion.

    I know that Ms Shalala was a long-time member of Bill Clinton's Cabinet, but I don't have any evidence that Jim McCabe has an agenda against her for that reason. Do you?
  10. RayClay

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    No I'm sure it was a coincidence.:rolleyes:

    Are you saying that she changed the culture of this school from what it was previously and is responsible for the fight?

    Did she fire someone as a scapegoat?

    There was bestiality involved?
  11. Mike the Brit

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    sretcarahc net
  12. RayClay

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    Football program controversies and scandals

    While the University of Miami has been the most successful collegiate football program of the past quarter century, the program also has been one of the most controversial. Various controversies, scandals and incidents, including repeat violations and actions by players, alumni, boosters and university staff of both NCAA guidelines and state and federal laws, have resulted in severe NCAA sanctions, suspensions, arrests and negative publicity for the university that have sometimes overshadowed the program's extraordinary success as one of the greatest programs in the history of collegiate football.

    1980s: Luther Campbell's "pay for play"

    A long-time booster of Hurricanes Football, 2 Live Crew member and local philanthropist Luther Campbell was said to have been behind what was referred to as a "pay-for-play" system, which involved cash rewards for things such as touchdowns as well as big hits. His ties to the program were at one point so close that former Hurricanes coach Dennis Erickson used to occasionally call upon Campbell as an intermediary when he was having a problem with his players.

    1980s-1990s: Extra benefits, Pell Grant scandal, and NCAA sanctions

    In 1994, Tony Russell, a former University of Miami academic advisor, pleaded guilty to helping more than 80 student athletes, 57 of whom were football players, falsify Pell Grant applications in exchange for kickbacks from the players themselves. The Pell grant scandal dated all the way back to 1989 and secured more than $220,000 in federal grant money. In late 1995, the NCAA concluded that, in addition to the fraudulent Pell Grants facilitated by Mr. Russell, the university had also provided or allowed over $400,000 worth of other, improper payments to Miami football players. The NCAA also found that the university had failed to implement its drug testing program, and that certain players had gone unpunished for positive tests. Finally, the NCAA concluded, the university had lost institutional control over the football program.[2] Miami lost seven scholarships as a result of a self-imposed sanction in 1995, and another 24 scholarships were disallowed by the NCAA over the next two years, but Miami narrowly avoided the so-called 'death penalty. Additionally, as a result of the scandal, Sports Illustrated in the summer of 1995 argued in a much-discussed cover story that Miami should shut down its football program, both for the good of the university and for the good of college football.[3]

    2004: 7th Floor Crew

    In 2004, an informal hip hop music group called the 7th Floor Crew, reportedly comprised of several UM football players and named for the 7th floor of UM's Mahoney Residential College[4], recorded a lewd rap song[5], called "7th Floor Crew". The song ultimately fell into the hands of national media, including ESPN and Sports Illustrated. Sung to the beat of Aaliyah's "If Your Girl Only Knew," the song's lyrics are filled with lewd sexual and racial references. Following ESPN's coverage of the song and the role of several UM football players in creating it, the university issued a statement condemning its lyrical content.

    2005: Chick Fil-A Peach Bowl Brawl

    On December 30, 2005, Miami suffered its worst loss in more than seven years, a 40-3 defeat to Louisiana State University (LSU) in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. Afterwards, there was a brawl in the tunnels leaving the game.

    2006: FIU Brawl

    For more details on this topic, see Miami-FIU brawl.


    Obviously the "people" care more about athletics than education in this area.

    I know, I live here and will never live here again once I complete school.

    Sure she's a political hack. Hell, until recently, the President of my alma mater was the brother of a mass murderer who is next to Osama Bin Laden on the FBI's most wanted list.

    Often these posts go to politicians who have lost or are getting some heat.

    If the residents and politicians of the area and powerful alumni want a President to gut the athletic team he/she probably will.

    If they are more concerned with a top football program than education or decency, they get that across too.

    The powers that be in Miami let their preferences be known long ago.
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  13. Box_O_Rocks

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    I'm quite aware of Ms. Shalala's political career, how is it pertinant to her behavior as college president in this instance? Frankly, it was a football example where the person(s) with the authority to make changes demonstrated an unwillingness to acknowledge their own responsibility and took questionable action(s). In that case, the three examples do relate.
  14. RayClay

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    No, it was a story of two football coaches who scapegoated their offensive co-ordinators rather than take responsibility.

    And a College President who had to decide on punishment. Some may say it was too lenient.

    Are you saying this is an actual quote? If not where is the Correlation?

    It's certainly fair to disagree with her decision and suggest what she should have done, but I don'rt see that in the article.

    If this is an actual quote, I apologize and withdraw my previous statements.

    ``I did not take off my helmet and fight anyone from that other school, whomever they were," said Donna Shalala, the president of the University of Miami. ``But I will not sit by idly -- at least not after 48 hours or so. I will be a leader -- after I wash my hands clean of any blame, of course, as I did with last year's Peach Bowl and all those other sordid affairs."
  15. Mike the Brit

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    To repeat, I thought this was a very funny article with a serious point. I've just spent five minutes on Google and I've found some actual quotes:

    ''I think this will affect the image of our program but in a very positive way.''

    Larry Coker (Coach)

    ''We will not throw any student under the bus for instant restoration of our image or reputation. I will not eliminate their participation at the university. I will not take away their scholarships.''

    Donna Shalala (University President)

    "To place the blame on the young student-athletes is a cop-out and patently unfair. Our players are no different than the players at USC, Notre Dame, Georgia or Texas. This is a leadership issue. It starts with the coaches, goes to the athletic director, the provost, the president and ends up with the board of trustees and me as its chair. We have to demand more of ourselves."

    Dean C. Colson (Chairman of the Board of Trustees)

    Words fail me -- really, what can one say about people like that?
  16. RayClay

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    Im not defending the U of Miami. I'd be happy if they cancelled the whole football program for a couple of years.

    I'd laugh my ass off if they made them take a standardized test. Most of them would flunk because they probably can't read over a 3rd grade level.

    She could have cancelled the season, but she just would have been fired by the powerful Alumni boosters.

    My only point is he made a joke which was based on firing people as scapegoats.

    She didn't fire anybody.

    You could write volumes about the corruption of the U miami program before and since she was appointed.

    Is she a political hack who's just trying to keep her job? Of course.

    If she was a principled reformer intent on maintaining honesty and Academic standards in the football program, she would have been fired in 5 minutes.

    My only point is, the third example isn't like the first two 'scapegoat" examples.

    It's even less so if you ignore the phony quote, even when you try to find real quotes to replace it.

    No skin off my nose. She has to get a real job while UM goes without football for a year? I'd laugh my ass off.
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  17. Mike the Brit

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    OK. We're in agreement.

    I think that she has avoided taking responsibility, not because she sacked a scapegoat but because she didn't sack anybody (least of all, herself).

    The guy who does the "it's not the players' fault it's our fault" shtick is hilarious -- we don't hold these people responsible for their actions and we won't hold ourselves responsible either ...

    You couldn't make these guys up.
  18. RayClay

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    I could be wrong about the writer's intention, but it is that time of year. Very contentious mid term election coming up and a lot of people are throwing in veiled political barbs where they can.

    I really don't care, but I thought he had a sharp, focused satirical point based on the first two almost identical scapegoat moves, less so with the third.

    I'm only talking about comedically. U Miami has been a sick joke of an institution for years.
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  19. Box_O_Rocks

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    McCabe wrote a parody, while some of the "quotes" may have been partially taken from real life idiocy, he was writing to make a point about responsibility in football. He may very well have been taking a political jab at Shalala, as you noted, it's that time of year in the political cycle. I'm willing to forgive the presumed political cheap shot in favor of gaining a brief chuckle to weigh against the frustration of an out of control footbal program "dissing" the game as we would like to see it played.
  20. RayClay

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    No problem here. Just speaking from a comedic point of view, the satire was much stronger with the 2 almost identical situations.

    Now if you were going to go off on the U Miami situation as a whole, plenty of it while she was President, you'd have reams of material.

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