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    Money was close but the offer from the Bungles was late to the table and he played the ego driven insult card and moved on. The lesson he has learned the hard way in relatively swift hindsight is the grass isn't generally greener, and it's often brown as you know what at your new digs... And in his case that could be a career earnings killer... He's now on a one year $855K prove it deal in Baltimore that was only paletable because Seattle owes him $6M after cutting him and he's hoping playing with a contender will improve his market, if there is one in 2011. If there isn't, by 2012 who knows. And he says rumors aside there was no interest in bringing him back to Cincy because by the time he was cut they believed they had moved on.

    Someone should mail this to Logan...

    Houshmandzadeh to future free agents: "Stay where you are" | ProFootballTalk.com
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