OT: What are your opinions of the Detroit Pistons?

Discussion in 'Boston Celtics Fan Forum' started by DisgruntledTunaFan, Jan 6, 2008.

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    Personally, I'm a lifelong Pistons fan, and after last night's game, it just occured to me that they and the Celtics were, once upon a time ago, bitter EC rivals way back in the 80's, and Detroit eventually dethroned them.

    Just curious-with this possible rival heating up again for the first time in 2 decades, what were your opinions of the Bad Boys of Motown then and now?
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    They have a good team, but there best years are behind them. They also have a player who is a ticking time bomb. They are still a team that can beat anyone, but I think they will lose out in the end to Boston. My reasoning is that Boston will get better. They are sure to have some type of slump, maybe in one of their two west coast road swings. But Boston's young players are still developing and I don't think the chemistry has peaked with the other big three. Detroit will meet Boston in the Eastern Finals with Boston winning in six.

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