OT: Vikings DE Kenechi Udeze diagnosed with Leukemia

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    Re: OT: Vikings DE Kenechi Udeze diagnosed with Cancer (Leukemia)

    :( Udeze and his family are in my prayers...I hope he stays strong and beats this disease. Get well soon!
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  3. Is this no surprise?

    This is happening everywhere...
  4. Mr.Muhozi

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    man its sad, hes young a bright future ahead of him, heres to hoping he does not succumb to the recent 24 year old nfl player deaths i.e sean taylor and our very own marquise hill
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    Your right so we shouldnt bother with saying anything?

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    Oh no, poor guy. I hope he beats it. That is a terrible thing for any person to ever go through.

    I havent read the article but will he continue to play. My dad is a huge Vikings fan and I enjoyed watching him play.
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    Yes, my cousin has had leukemia for about 25 years and is doing well(diagnosed around age 25-30). It is very treatable for the most part these days.
  9. It IS sad... YES.

    But, cancer used to be a very rare thing in the past.

    Now, and into the future... 1 in 3 will have it.

    Scary thoughts...

    It didn't have to be this way.
  10. I didn't mean Leukemia exclusively... I meant cancer in general.
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