OT: Urlacher: Merriman's dance 'stupid'

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    Brian Urlacher rolled his eyes and then exhaled as if to say he wanted no part of a conversation about San Diego's Shawne Merriman. But the Bears linebacker couldn't dance around the subject long. Merriman's outrageous "Lights Out" bunny hop to celebrate a sack, a routine Merriman has vowed to tone down this season, indeed gets underneath Urlacher's skin. Not that Urlacher has something against the Chargers' sack king. Or maybe he does. "The thing is, if you're going to do it, do it all the time," Urlacher said. "Do it when you make a bad play too. You'll never see me doing any stupid [stuff] like that after a play. The only thing I'll do is get a little happy with my teammates."
  2. NYCPatsFan

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    Why didn't he say something last year?? Better late than never...:D
  3. patsox23

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    I was hoping he'd make mention of the fact that Merriman ALSO did the dance when he almost sacked Brady in the playoff game.
  4. HGH_Harrison

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    Why would anybody do a celebration dance after they made a bad play?

    That's the most moronic statement I have ever read.

    Paris Hilton must have been the brains of the relationship when they were together.
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  5. BWareofDWare

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    Cause they didn't play each other last year.
  6. primetime

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    I liked Merriman's lights out dance.

    What's wrong with a little fun? It was even more fun watching the Patriots mock it.
  7. upstater1

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    Don't mock the dance!~!!

    Man, the Chargers, what a bunch of wimps.
  8. lander

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    The wimps are coming to town. Be afraid.
  9. TealSox

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    Wouldn't be an issue if the linemen stopped him at the line and kept him away from the QB. Since he had so many sacks last year, we had to see it so many times last year. I would love to see an offensive lineman stop him at the line and get him in the dirt and dance over Merriman.

    This dancing idiot is the same guy that said he would be far better than Junior Seau, a Charger legend and a dominate player in his own right. Ego? Yeah, just a little bit. He should try not to be a lightning rod for all the ill feelings toward the Chargers.
  10. JoeSixPat

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    What's so "stupid" about a 270 lb. manchild doing the hokey-pokey after grabbing another man's thighs and smothering him on the ground?

    Oh, wait, I think I just answered my own question.

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