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  1. 420jim

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    Well, its UMass playing for the 1A title, they just won the semi finals out in Montana. So as I write this I'm thinking, "Why is it that its ok for 1A to have a play-off but its not ok for 1AA? Why is it bad for the Main Event of collage football to have a play-off, but its fine and dandy to have some computer geek deciding who is the national Champion?"

    I was watching the game and noticed next to UMass a little #3 and next to Montana a #2. If this was another version of BCS (Bogus Championship System) that UMass would be on the outside looking in instead of playing for the Championship. Tell me again why the Bowl System is best for Collage football. :confused:
  2. psychoPat

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    It's Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.

    Who really needs to know who is best?
    Enough that we know they are good.

    Thank you for your attention.
    No more questions.
  3. Willie55

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    It's all about the money the schools get from the bowls.
  4. patchick

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    Oh brother...that puts UMass in the national championship game next Friday night at 8:00 on ESPN2. Yes that's next Friday, the first night of Hanukah, when my mother the UMass season ticket holder will be staying with us for the holiday. And did I mention we don't get ESPN2? ("Sorry kids, Grandma had to run off to a sports bar....")

    That's it, up with the BCS, playoffs stink. :p
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    Hey, PatJew!
    Have Mr. Kraft sell these good ladies an indulgence, or something!
    At least a forbearance, for G-d'ssake.

    Where's an imam when you really need one?
  6. RayClay

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    I think you can only wangle those if you're a Catholic. Politics, you know.
  7. 420jim

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    I was watching at work, they had the game on over the bar. After I got home it was in the 3rd, when it was over I decided to post it, its a Mass. based team, and I thought some of you might be interested.

    On a side note, the anouncers stated that Amherst was ready to explode, UMass defeted #3 BC earlier in hockey. I know its not Patriots, but still its local teams, and yet another Mass. based team going for the Gold. :rocker:

    Its good to be a Boston/ Mass. sports fan these past few years.
  8. FirstAndGoal

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  9. vyrago

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    The UMass game was Patriot-like in its reliance on the defense and down to the wire ending, but Coen is no Brady. Then again, who is?

    Steve Baylark is definitely NFL material. It will be interesting to see where he goes in the draft. I would love to see him on the Pats.

    His predecessor, Marcel Shipp has done a good job for the Cardinals despite the fact that he has been bumped out of his position by Emmitt Smith and Edgerrin James (not to mention a broken leg in 04) among others.
  10. Mike the Brit

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    I had the game on with the sound on mute while I did stuff and it seemed like a well played game to me, as college games go, with a very exciting ending.

    When you watch second or third-rate soccer, there's a huge drop-off in quality. Players are probably as fit and strong but they just don't have the ball control and balance that the best players do. I suspect here that the drop-off is mostly in physical size and strength -- which doesn't diminish the spectacle.
  11. PatsDeb

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    I am a UMass alum (I even was on the color guard in the marching band, so I went to all the games) but except through the newspaper, I haven't had time to follow them in the last 10 years. I watched the game last night and was very impressed! It was Patriot-like in that they went into a very hostile environment, got virtually no calls from the officials and did not lose their cool when Montana went ahead at the end of the 1st half and the momentum was decidedly the other way. Steve Baylark is a very good player and despite some wicked hits, did not fumble (hello, Kevin, Ben?). Good luck to UMass next week (and this division is proof a playoff system works)!
  12. FirstAndGoal

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    Coen is a sophmore playing in a stadium with 25,000 screaming fans with seats 5 yards off the field so I wouldn't trash him for that. He's better than he played last night and is going to be good.

    Baylark will get drafted (or at least invited) as will their center Alex Miller.
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  13. DarrylS

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    Coen is an alumnus if La Salle in Providence, passed over by a lot of teams in 1A, he is going to be very good.
  14. A.C Vegas

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    To bring it back to the point I noticed at first. I have the perfect idea for how to have 1-A Play-off and bowls.

    1) push the season back one week
    2) the first week of december ends the regular saeson and confrence championship games
    3) a 16 team play off (9 confrence champs and 7 wild cards)
    4) when bowl season starts (usually the 2nd or 3rd week of december) teams not in the play off are in
    5) as the big 4 start the teams that were in are now eliagble(sp) the be in those
    6) championship happens around jan 7
    it simple and everyone get the money
  15. vyrago

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  16. Jacky Roberts

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    Im happy for UMass success, but I cant bring myself to watch them. It looks like a high school game on TV. I'd rather watch a lower level D-1A team on TV than UMass.
  17. Flying Fungi

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    i wonder if the UMass 'fans' treated Montana supporters like they treated UNH supporters the previous week...
  18. CTPatsFan

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    Hey Deb, any rumors swirling around Amherst that UMass is going to join the Big East for football and hoops within the next couple of years? I've heard hints to that effect from two separate sportscasters on separate occasions that they wouldn't elaborate on. It's kind of strange not having a MA opponent in the Big East so it would make sense in that aspect. What are your thoughts?
  19. patchick

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    A weird followup...so my mom decided to call Comcast to find out what cable package I have and how much it would cost to upgrade. And they told her! Isn't that amazing that they'll give out a subscriber's account info to anyone who calls? ("Hey, Comcast, I was just wondering what my neighbor spends on 'pay per view,' if you know what I mean....")

    Also, on the UMass-->Big East rumors, it would make worlds of sense for basketball but football is a perennial problem. They've been discussing a move to 1A for, oh, 20 or 30 years. But big-time college football costs big-time bucks. Alumni stadium isn't 1A material, and it's hard to imagine whomping up an Ohio-State type crowd in Western Mass. They'd have to rake in a huge amount more on basketball to make it close to worth it.
  20. FirstAndGoal

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    They would have to raise a bunch of revenue and at least one thing is that you need a stadium to hold at least 30,000 people. That won't happen by next year. "The Friends of UMass" was set up to get people involved in this poject but I think they concentrate on other items now. I think the 1A move as a dead issue or at least on the back burner now.

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