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OT: Toucher & Rich don't really get sports, do they?

Discussion in 'The PatsFans.com Pub' started by BradyManny, Dec 11, 2009.

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    So I had the misfortune of trying out 98.5's morning show for a length of time since I was tired of the alternative.

    One of the goofballs (feel free to replace this word with d-bag, its interchangeable in this case) on 98.5 was talking about how he sympathized with the 4 players who were late for being sent home by BB, and would actually be mad at Brady for showing up after his wife gave birth and looking like a hero. Yeah, that makes sense, paint Belichick and Brady as the bad guys, and the 4 tardy players as the victims. I guess the rest of the 49 players who showed up on time are jerks too.

    What's maddening is the non-football guy they had from the Globe on air (Eric Wilbur...) was agreeing with him. (This is why you don't let baseball writers talk about football...)

    The only person who knows ANYTHING about sports on that morning show, John Wollack, the guy they rip on all day, tried to gently steer them away from their absurd position on the issue.

    I wish there were a Football-media police that rode around and just shot (a stun-gun MIGHT suffice) people who know nothing about football for talking about the sport on the airwaves. Their first target would probably be this Fred guy from 98.5
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    I also heard that break this morning and you're misrepresenting what was said. First of all, Fred did indeed say that Moss and the others would probably be pissed at Brady for acting like the golden child after those four were sent home.

    But Rich argued vehemently against Fred the entire time. There were callers on both sides.

    And the "non-football guest" that you mentioned they had on that agreed with Fred was Bert Breer, one of the head Patriots writers for the Boston Globe, and I could safely say that he probably knows more about the Patriots than most of us on this board.

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