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OT: the NFL and silly lawsuits

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats726, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Pats726

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    Firstly, I do wonder who the lawyers are for this young woman?? What is their reputation and track record??
    I DO find that as much as it is a problem for Moss and the Patriots, it SHOULD be something the NFL addresses as a whole and hopefully will DO something about these 'gold diggers".
    There is something to be said about ANY of these silly lawsuits looking for money..and the one with Marvin Harrison referred to on other threads is also a GOOD example of that. A way to extort money from players. I THINK the NFL should make it clear that law firms that promote this will face lawsuits from th3 league and will tie their money and assets up for some time.
    It's one thing IF it is legitimate...but these as well as so many ARE NOT and frankly should be dealt with by the league in general to BE SURE they do not continue.
    Why do they happen?? Because some are successful and until IT HURTS those law firms a LOT MORE..these stupid lawsuits will continue. ANd I really think the NFL needs to potect its players from these.
  2. Patsfanin Philly

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    Jan 16, 2005
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    #95 Jersey

    I looked up the name of the attorney on the Florida Bar website and it lists someone with his name as having been admitted to practice law in 2006 and he practices entertainment law.. Perhaps he trying to make a name for himself with this case.....
    In some European countries, they have 'loser pays.' The party who loses the lawsuit is responsible for the legal fees of the winning party. While these sounds great in the abstract as a way to eliminate frivolous lawsuits, it could limit access to the courthouse for those with limited means if they try to sue someone with deep pockets ( think of a big corporation) who could run them through the ringer. What's the answer?? I don't know but in the area of medical malpractice, some states require a 'certificate of merit' by an expert to state that the case has merit but others object that it's not too hard to get someone to certify it.
    You're right that anyone with money and a high profile is an easy target. It's understandable if athletes shy away for fear of a wacko who might sue them for millions over a fender bender.
    The only positive from the Duke Lacrosse fiasco is that the media (some not all) are asking questions before jumping to conclusions.
    Food for thought.
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