OT: Terrell Owens cut by Indoor Football League team

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, May 30, 2012.

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    Terrell Owens cut by Indoor Football League team - latimes.com

    I can't figure this guy out....

    No NFL team wanted him....He apparently was broke after squandering Millions of dollars but yet still was part owner of this IFL team.

    Along came an opportunity to play football again and make good money,albeit a different style of football but nevertheless he could have changed opinions of some who thought he was washed up and a canker sore on any team he was on but ....

    Instead he says no to playing on the road in 2 critical games for his team to make the playoffs and even worse...missing a visit to a Children's Hospital where they may have been some ill children excited to get his visit and autograph.

    The guy is a low life scumbag who must also have something wrong in his brain....the man deserves to be broke and probably in a homeless shelter in a decade from now.

    Thank heavens this slug was not another washed up WR that Belichick decided to sign up.
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  2. BradyFTW!

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    Another? Can only assume that you're comparing him to Ochocinco which is... pretty dumb.


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    Ocho is on his way out hopefully,Galloway,Patten and Holt are the other washed up WRs that didn't work out,like I said I am glad Belichick said no to T.O.

    I know FTW you are a Ocho fan who thinks he will learn the playbook after a whole season has passed and be a factor but that can be expected by the younger fans here who love his schtick and funny personality and all of his 'fantastic work' in practice, us 'slightly' older guys see it differently we see him as an attention whore and hope for him to move on elsewhere.

    But lets not get this thread into a topic of Ocho and hijack it...there are plenty of other threads on him to waste space on that waste....its about Owens,Not Chad.
  4. Ron Sellers

    Ron Sellers 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    When I first heard the story what I found most bizarre was that Owens was cut despite being a part owner.

    After reading the full article though it's a real head-shaker. Owens is obviously in bad shape financially but he manages to get himself a six-figure salary plus part ownership in the team. Given his circumstances one would think he would do what he had to do to not lose that income - but he refuses to play in two road games and is a no-show for an appearance at an event at a local children's hospital. End result: he gives the team a reason to not only cut off his income but to also take away that part ownership in the team.

    Owens makes it nearly impossible for anybody to feel bad for him.

    He also has made it nearly impossible for anybody to have any incentive to ever hire him for any job, at any price.
  5. BigMike

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    How much money did he make in his career?
  6. zoostation

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    Terrell......There's no crying in Indoor Football


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    I really think Owens has a mental deficiency that his athletic talent had covered up for awhile when he was in his 20s and looked to be a surefire HOFer....now he is being exposed for some very dumb moves that only a person with mental deficiencies might do.
  8. BrickPat

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    Wow that's like a former Iron Chef getting canned from Burger King.
  9. Walpole Pats Fan

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  10. BSR

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    Overreact much?
  11. Brady_to_Moss

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    Don't feel bad for him...one bit
  12. brdmaverick

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    I'm guessing he was thinking of Ocho, but also Torry Holt and Joey Galloway.
  13. brdmaverick

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    and to think, all this to a guy who is a top five receiver of all time (stats-wise)
  14. lurker1965

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    The thing that gets me is Ocho, Torry Holt, and Galloway never refused to go to a game or refused to go on a scheduled visit to a children's hospital. Yes, one can say what you will about their lack of performance or end zone celebrations,but T.O. is in a different class of db. (That is "defensive back.":D)
  15. Reckedtrek

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    He went from "Get your Popcorn ready!" to "Get your popcorn HERE!"

    Enjoy the new career TO!
  16. Spergon Wynn

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    Torry Holt was placed on IR and later released with an injury settlement. He's not comparable to the other guys. If I remember correctly, he was looking pretty good in camp until he got hurt.
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  17. eom

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    I couldn't care one way or the other but this part is hilarious:

    Owens' rep claims his client met the terms of the contract. Furthermore, the team's criticism of T.O. for failing to show for an event at a children's hospital was the "straw that broke the camel's back." The Wranglers aren't backing down, reportedly offering Owens a severance package of a whopping $50 while taking back the keys to his loaner house and Jeep Cherokee.
  18. Joker

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    Owens suffers from N.P.D

    the narcissist never ages well...the treatments available today are mainly ineffective short term and very poor long term
  19. thechris

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    It's really easy to pile on TO here (and rightfully so). He is a major league d-bag who is running out of friends quickly.

    That being said, I am afraid for him. He has already attempted suicide once and it looks like his life post-football is going to be a struggle. I really hope he takes some responsibility & straightens his life out. I'm rooting for a redemption story, not a tragedy!
  20. xmarkd400x

    xmarkd400x 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Whatever you say about Owens, I don't really think the comparison to other WRs whose only failures were talent related is fair at all. Sure a number of guys came here and couldn't produce, but that's football. The things that get reported about Ownes in the media certainly point to somebody who doesn't have it together.
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