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    Kickstart' your day at Canton Club

    Friday, March 10, 2006

    She's a California native, quite good looking, personable, and very athletic. In addition, she shares the same surname as the tremendously popular quarterback of the New England Patriots.

    Her name is Nancy Brady, and she is the youngest of three Brady sisters who are proud to call "Tommy" their "kid brother."

    Asked what 'Tommy' is really like, Nancy replied without hesitation, "He's a great guy. What you see is what you've got. No pretenses."

    The siblings get together once or twice a week when Tom is in the area. "We go out to dinner . . . spend some quality time together. It's not always easy to have our privacy."

    When asked about Tom's recent surgery, Nancy replied that he is recuperating nicely. Playing a lot of golf.

    With that said, the focus of the interview switched to PROtraining and her morning exercise class at Canton Club.

    Nancy, who turned 30 in January, took over from her slightly older sister, Julie ("we're all about 16-17 months apart") as the PROtraining instructor at Canton Club last fall when Julie returned to the west coast to pursue a new (behind the scene) career in broadcasting.

    A UCC Berkley graduate, Nancy came east in 2000 to become Tom's personal assistant. "He was kind of overwhelmed with the demands of his new-found celebrity status," she said "and needed someone to help him with all of the demands on him that came with it."

    She worked with Tom for the next two years, until things settled down, and then she went off on her own and became a pharmaceutical rep in southern New England.

    Before coming east, Nancy, like Julie, was introduced to "PROtraining" at the Pacific Athletic Club in California by Brian Schwartz, a professional fighter who initially developed the regimen to prepare himself for his professional boxing bouts on the national K1 Circuit.

    "It's different from Tae Bo," she says. PROtraining is an integrated physical conditioning program that combines boxing, kick-boxing (on the big bags), cycling, running, jump roping, circuit and resistance training, and more.

    "The PROtraining course," she explains, "is a continuing five-week conditioning program. Five weeks (Monday through Friday) on, then a couple to three weeks off, and then a new five-week cycle.

    "People of all levels can participate," she continues, "in the sense that individuals can adopt a level of exercise that fits their individual physical capabilities.

    "It is a particularly good program for women in that it builds self- confidence and self-esteem. It is also a great upper body workout, so that you can see a difference in your muscle tone and strength. Of course," Nancy quipped, "you have to put in the work to get the desired results."

    The workouts are certainly not boring. A typical workout week looks something like this:

    Monday - run, bike, run, bike, run bike. During fair weather they run outside.

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - bag work, box and kick in combination with other exercises. On Thursday they also do circuit training (stations, weights resistance training).

    Friday - Long run, longer bike.

    "It's a complete body workout designed to make you stronger, slimmer, faster. It's not a competition. Everyone is different. The goal is for each person to improve his or her own baseline. It's a progressive regimen. I find it liberating."

    The next five-week class begins March 21.

    "Give it a try,' says Ms. Brady, "It's a great way to 'kick start' your day."

    Members and non-members are welcome. For information, call Joanne Winkler at 781-821-9896.

    Art Dunphy is a freelance sportswriter and publicist from Scituate.

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