OT: Saints march past Colts and Patriots as SB favorites

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    After a convincing win the Saints have taken over as SB favorites at 4-1 dropping the Colts to second and now the Patriots sit at 3rd at 7-1

    Funny that the Steelers are in the 12-1 odds and now in a deadlock with McD's bunch...quite the longshot odds for a team that is the defending champions and only a game back of the division and even the NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals are even longer at 33-1 bar odds

    New Orleans Saints Marching on to Superbowl | Live Odds and Scores
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  2. BionicPatriot

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    Re: Saints march past Colts and Patriots as SB favorites

    I'm amazed they even give the Cards a shot. They look just as mediocre as they did last season, except you don't pull a rabbit out of your ass twice. That team just looks so friggin average it's funny.
  3. AndyJohnson

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    Re: Saints march past Colts and Patriots as SB favorites

    Does Vegas take the contrarian bet on this? Can I bet $400 to win $100 that the Saints will NOT in the SB?


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    Re: Saints march past Colts and Patriots as SB favorites

    lol..no you can't only who you think will get there
  5. olschool

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    Re: Saints march past Colts and Patriots as SB favorites

    Underdog is good. I don't want the Pats to be favored ever again...for anything.
  6. TB146

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    Re: Saints march past Colts and Patriots as SB favorites

    Fine with me. In the event of a lack of bulletin board material, playing the disrespected card is a more than adequate motivator.
  7. I got to give you guys credit, you have a good team, But I think with the chemistry the Saints have and the defense we have now, that was the only thing missing from us having a good team. I can't wait for the MNF game against you guys. I think that it will be our best test. Playing in the superdome is going to be hard with us being 10-0 the fans are going to be loud as hell. we've never been this good and I think it will be good for at least 2-3 years. I really hope that we beat you guys and continue on. I am hoping for at least home field advantage and 1st round bye. That would be the best for us to get everyone healthy. I think if we don't make it this year, next year for sure we will, But we've got a couple of teams we've gotta get through first, Pats, Cowboys and Falcons again. I'm a realist and I don't think we'll go undefeated, but I'd rather make it to the SB and win rather than get there undefeated and lose the SB, like you guys did. It must be hard being a Pats fan and knowing that you lost to both of the Manning boys....I'll talk at ya laters.....hopefully on Dec 1st with an 11-0 record....Good luck to ya..

    SaintsFan Out!
  8. Joker

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    The Saints fan...better known as the anti-swaggerlicious and anti-sancheesy anti-Jet fan
  9. Yeh we're realist's, no swagger here until the SB is over and if we're in it and we win, then we can swagger....
  10. mayoclinic

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    Saints have a great team, no doubt about it. But making any change in predictions based on their win over Tampa Bay is ludicrous. No disrespect intended.

    Looking forward to a great game next week.
  11. I don't know about any predictions that are being made and it would be silly of Vegas to do that especially after rolling over TB who is what 1-9 now? I'm a Saintsfanforever and I wouldn't do that, who know's what can happen....
  12. bostonia3333

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    Those odds have to be outdated. NO way NYG can be 8-1 now
  13. Yeh, the Giant's aren't going anywhere except home after the season, seems like the Manning brothers are trading places, LOL.
  14. MassPats38

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    This site had them favorites at 3/1 on 11/19. The Colts were 7/2 and the Pats and Vikings were 4/1. Not sure if the odds have been updated yet from Sunday's games.
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