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Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Nov 1, 2006.

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    OMG, what a great article. Having Romo expound the virtues of Patriot Reign and Brady's preparation and style of play when he replaced the exact same quarterback is one of the most crazy coincidences you could have.

    I wonder what Bledsoe thinks when he reads something like that. I'm sure he and Brady are friends, but I mean, wow.
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    Romo ain't no Brady.(Frankly, noone is)

    However-at least he'll be our Chad Pennington this year(i.e. will be good for AT LEAST one year).

    And Romo brought smiles to Tuna's face for the first time(since he become the coach here, that is).
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    I watched some of the Carolina game and I thought Romo looked bigger, stronger, more athletic, a better runner and had a bigger arm than Pennington. Maybe Pennington is more accurate, I don't know, and of course it was only one game. You may be underestimating Romo. If he's good for AT LEAST one year, what after that?
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    Brady is the best thing for us, but he is the worst thing for the QB position. Now every team thinks that they can get the next best thing in the 6th round and UDFA.

    Guys, the reason everyone knows that Brady was a 199th pick is because it rarely happens.
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    What does that mean? :confused:
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    Wasn't Montana a low round draft pick too?

    Walsh once said that the WORST thing any team could do was to draft a QB #1.

    For some reason, it makes sense-alot of these #1's have gotten to the point where it's really gotten to their heads. Sure-not all have been busts, and some have had HOF careers. But look at the Mannings, Big Bens, McNabbs of this world-it's quite simple why they keep coming up short.:eek:
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    It seems like the standards are much higher for rookie QBs nowdays. Whether they are drafted #1 or #7-especially considering how gangbusters the Bradys and the Big Bens have come out of the gate-it's only raised the bar THAT much higher.

    Once upon a time ago, they were calling Eli M a bust.
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    I think QB may be the most difficult position to evaluate. Physically, I think most people would put Peyton Manning and Ryan Leak above Brady, but obviously there is a big discrepancy in their abilities. Brady has "it", but there may other QBs out there who aren't given an adequate opportunity to develop.

    A highly drafted QB will be given a fair opportunity to see what he has, while a lower pick or UDFA may not, and a lot of that is just the nature of the position. The QB, handling the ball virtually every play, and making decisions that can win or lose the game on a regular basis, has such an effect on the game that most teams will have a short leash with an unproven QB.

    There are also so many reps to go around and they are particular precious when considering the QB position, this is unfortunate since weathering the tough times is what helps a QB learn; certainly a WR or RB will get ample reps to show they can play as they are not the only one in the game and are less likely to be personally responsible for losing the game.

    I think QB is one of the positions where an astute team is most likely to find a keeper late. Look what the Pats have done with Matt Cassell, they spent a 7th round pick on a guy who most teams had as an afterthought, and he looks like he'll be a starting QB for someone some day, even if not for the Pats. Brady's success probably means that more late draftee/UDFAs will actually get a fair shot.

    Does anyone else wonder what would have happened to Brady if he hadn't been drafted by the Pats? I think it's possible he could have become the player he is, but probably not for the team that drafted him.
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    Freudian slip? :rofl:
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    Reading comments like these, I kept thinking how a lot of Hall of Fame QBs were picked #1 overall (Bradshaw, Elway, Aikman.) And how in the famous QB class of 1983, Elway, Kelly, and Marino were all 1st-round home runs with O'Brien and Eason at least productive starters...while not a single QB taken AFTER round 1 that year became a starter in the league.

    So I decided to take a look at the last half dozen QBs selected #1 (before last year, too early to judge Smith):

    Eli Manning
    Carson Palmer
    David Carr
    Michael Vick
    Tim Couch
    Peyton Manning

    Now compare to the last half dozen non-QBs selected #1 (before this year, too early to judge Williams):

    Courtney Brown
    Orlando Pace
    Keyshawn Johnson
    Ki-Jana Carter
    Dan Wilkinson
    Steve Emtman

    I'm starting to think that teams actually do a better job evaluating QBs than other positions. And for good measure, ask Buffalo and Oakland if they're really glad they passed by Leinart and Cutler for safeties in round 1. :)


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    Romo definately looking like he belongs in the elite catagory just below Manning and Brady and has IMO overtaken the third spot once reserved for Bulger and the fourth spot taken by Brees.

    Thought this post was worth a bump up from the ashes.
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    After three games and playing with an elite WR, I'd still withhold judgement.
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    Carson Palmer says hello.


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    Carson Palmer IS good and should be considered right up there with those 5,yes indeed
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    I think the rule of thumb is only take a QB in the first, sixth, seventh rounds or undrafted.
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    Montana was drafted in the 3rd round.
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    Haha, that made me laugh. :D

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