OT-Reggie Bush on to the NFL!

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  1. mtbykr

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    #37 Jersey

    Just on ESPNEWS--big surprise! Joel Siegel appears to be the agent he has chosen!
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  2. drew4008

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    On his way to becoming the G.O.A.T.
  3. Alk

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    Or not...that's a pretty bold statement. Especially for an undersized rb who hasn't even proven himself in the NFL.
  4. maverick4

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    No surprise there.

    The big question is will Kubiak take Bush #1, or take a QB (Young/Leinert), or trade down for picks, and try to find a QB gem in the later rounds?
  5. Alk

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    I had heard somewhere, maybe here that the Texans fans were demanding Young. I honestly think Bush would be a horrible pick especially with the O line that they have there. He won't last 3 games behind that line.
  6. alamo

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    It's not Kubiak's call, it's Casserly's. Their situation is very similar to the Jets and the Bills, where the GM was as big or a bigger part of the problem than the coach. I am amazed Ralph Wilson realized this and took the correct action. I am not surprised Woody Johnson of the Jets and Bob McNair of the Texans didn't.

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