Ot: Red Sox Ticket Offer For Yankees

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by IcyPatriot, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. IcyPatriot

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    Great offer for those out there like me who simply do not have the time to wait in line or wrangle on the telephone to get seats at Fenway. Go to Red Sox.com


    and register to win the opportunity to purchase Sox tickets on-line for Yankees, Monster Seats and RF Roof Deck Seats...prices are the same, no discount but, like i said a good deal for those to busy or totally unconnected such as I am.

    Sorry to intrude on the main board...thought it would be better here for visability....good luck.

    I registered but I don't hold any hope of winning....I never win anything...I've been playing the same Mass Lottery numbers for 20 years without even winning (1 box of macaroni...Sopranos Speak)...so perhaps a fellow Patriots fan could win which is the next best thing.

    GO SEAHAWKS...Cowher's chin will be priceless.
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  2. Michigan Dave

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    Wow. Register for the opportunity to purchase tickets. That's impressive. When I want to see baseball, I drive downtown to Detroit, park for free, pay $6, get a hot dog and Coke with my seat, and move down to the front row. Sometimes having a crummy team pays off!
  3. Tunescribe

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    Look at the emperor's new clothes! Wow!
  4. kirjtc2

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    Register for the opportunity to BUY tickets?

    Just when I thought Red Sox Nation couldn't get any more out of hand...
  5. edzo44

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    Never say never! My wife and kids and I did this last year and she got Green Monster seats, both kids got Yankees tickets to different games and I ended up with right field roof tickets. We live in New Hampshire and both kids live in Boston. Your chances are just as good as anyone else's. Good luck!

    (This is really the only "opportunity" you ever get to really beat out the ticket selling companies because it really IS done by random drawing)

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