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  1. Lbaron

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    Has anyone gone to a game with standing room only tickets?
    This is the excerpt I got from the Pats website:
    "Gillette Stadium was constructed with unique viewing areas throughout the stadium. Standing room only patrons will be allowed to enjoy the game from the many open areas, including each end zone plaza, the open concourses throughout the stadium or the pedestrian ramps."

    They are 49$ a pop which is cheaper, but is it 49 well spent or does the view stink?
    Anyone gone to see a game with standing room tickets?
    Can you describe the view/atmosphere?
    Is it worth my money?
  2. tatepatsfan

    tatepatsfan Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    Get there early, don't plan on moving too much, and you will get a great view of the field. I've done it a couple of times. If you are comfortable standing still for a while, these are definitely worth it.
  3. dryheat44

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    I just got finished reading a post that said you weren't going to pay for a ticket until the Patriots spent to the cap.
  4. QuiGon

    QuiGon Banned

    Personally, I think the entire concept of going to games is overrated... Plus I hate missing all the other action in the NFL. So last year a friend of mine and me decided to get SRO tickets for the Bucs game which was on a Saturday (this friend of mine doesn't have a pot to piss in so while I was more than glad to spend the extra $$ to get real seats, he was insistent we get the cheapest tickets possible). One of the biggest problems is they didn't let us lean on the railings so you are literally just standing there with nothing to lean on or support yourself against.

    Let's just say I'll never be doing it again. And if my same friend says "hey let's get Patriots tickets" I'll make sure he knows he is either spending the money for real seats or I ain't going.
  5. Lbaron

    Lbaron Rookie

    Yeah it's more of a satire...
    Something to spark debate and thought about the Pats approach to business and what would happen if we were to use it as fans
  6. Lbaron

    Lbaron Rookie

    They don't let you lean on the rails?
    WTF is that all about?
  7. QuiGon

    QuiGon Banned

    Well, they didn't where I was standing (upper corner). I think they don't want people leaning over the rails where you are directly above the middle tier and if you dropped something or spit or spilled something or whatever it would fall on people below.

    There may very well be places in the stadium where leaning on the rails is allowed... but for us, there was a red line about 2 feet behind the railing and we all had to stand behind that red line (and stadium security was there making sure no one broke the rules).
  8. gfecte01

    gfecte01 Rookie

    I bought the SRO package for 4 games this year. Not really sure what to expect or whether or not I’ll like it, but I love being part of the atmosphere, tailgating, etc. When I went to the Cardinals-Patriots preseason game this year, I stood behind the end zone seats on the opposite side of the light tower (so, essentially I was right in front of the McDonald’s concession area). Because it was only a preseason game, there didn’t seem to be too many SRO ticket holders there, so I was able to move to the front. There was a red line painted into the concrete which you were prohibited from standing in front of, leaving about a 3-5 foot buffer between the line and the railing. Security “walked the line†throughout the game, asking anyway who crossed it to back up. That was my first SRO experience. In talking to others who have attended regular season games as SRO, they’ve relayed the same message that other posters have. In particular, if you want to see the whole game from a good SRO spot…

    1.) Get inside the stadium early.
    2.) Try to use the bathroom right before finding your spot.
    3.) Eat during the tailgate, not in the stadium.
    4.) As it relates to 2 & 3, if you try to eat/use the bathroom during the game, you will lose your spot and be in the back of the pack.
    5.) The light house area perch seems to be the SRO hot spot. So you may want to try and find another spot which offers a comparable viewpoint without as many people.
  9. pciamp24

    pciamp24 Practice Squad Player

    Both times that I have gone I have had to stand..

    The view is EXCELLENT, but it does take alot to stand for 3+ hours to watch the game.

    For the price of the ticket it is worth it just to see the stadium( especially if you have never been there before)

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