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    I have in my possesion the following Joel Buchsbaum books;

    1997, Orlando Pace on cover,
    the year we drafted Chris Canty, Brandon Mitchell

    1997-1998, Peyton Manning on cover,
    the year we drafted Tony Simmons, Chris Floyd

    1998-99 Ricky Williams on cover,
    the year we drafted Kevin Faulk, Tony George

    1999-2000 Peter Warick on cover,
    the year we drafted Klemm, JR Redmond and some guy named Brady

    2000-2001 Drew Brees on cover,
    the year we drafted Richard Seymour, Matt Light

    Joel Buchsbaum use to write one of the best pubs prior to his death for Pro Football Weekly.

    I plan to clean out the bedroom, and am about to throw these away, but for the cost of shipping will send them to whoever is interested.

    The deal would be send me the money for the cost of shipping, and will mail them off. We think the cost would be about 5$.

    Anybody interested?
    I can take photos if someone is interested.
    If alot of people are interested, we may have to develope a way to determine who is the most deserving.

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