OT: NY media bias or just plain stupid

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    Take a look at the NFL.com article below


    Shefter states:

    to argue that V Young gaining 18 yards and a 1st down is what led to TEN beating the Giants and is therefore THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PLAY out of 256 possible games with 1024 quarters of action and probably around 30,000 actual plays occurring during the year.

    And this single play affecting 2 teams who ARE BOTH NOT GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS is the most important of the year.

    yeah, right. Pardon me if I can't assume that even if NY didn't choke that week that they would have the following 5. So is he just an idiot, just trying to fill column space or just playing to the NY hoi polloi. (or am I making something out of nothing just cause I'm bored at work.)
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    It is futile to attempt to pick one play out of countless thousands over a season, but that's what journalists have to do unfortunately to fill the acres of space open to them for their musings. It needs something truly momentous - with both teams being the highest rated contenders and a moment that signals a definitive change in momentum for the season. And it is exceptionally rare for a moment like that to stand up - like Willie stuffing Edgerrin James at the line of scrimmage on the road in '03 - and I don't think every season has one.

    I don't know if Schefter's right or not, and I don't think it matters. But it is a thoughtful choice. You're probably right Gumby, that the implosion of the Giants would have come sooner rather than later - there are problems at every level of the organisation.

    But there was something symbolic about that moment. I think it marked a point of no return for the warring Giants. I think it also marked the moment when Vince Young emerged as the true leader of the Titans, as a guy who never gives up and gets it done. It also exposed the refereeing of the roughing the passer rules as ridiculous when a defender is worried about being called mid-sack. So it may help to reverse the invidious creep of over-protection.
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    Don't the Giants get into the playoffs by beating Washington this week?
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