OT: Not good times for Simmons

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. SVN

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  2. jmt57

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    Re: OT:Not good times for simmons

    He should just write elsewhere under a ghost name/pseudonym. Not as if it hasn't been done elsewhere over the years.
  3. RhodyPatriot

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    Re: OT:Not good times for simmons

    Ever since Simmy's embarrassing Manny suck up column I've lost all respect for LaLA Bill. If Simmons goes away completely that's fine with me.
  4. borg

    borg In the Starting Line-Up

    Tough to feel bad for a guy who gets paid to ...write about sports, his buddies, and trips to Vegas. He must be really suffering
  5. MassPats38

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    Simmons is a good writer, he just writes for the wrong organization. The situation is a shame because there are not all that many readable sportswriters out there.
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  6. cavtroop

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    I don't understand why he resigned with ESPN is he wasn't happy. If it was for the money, then I have zero sympath. If he thought their differences were behind them, and they pulled a fast one (which knowing ESPN is highly plausible), then that sucks.
  7. PatsWickedPissah

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    He picked the Colts over the Pats giving 6 points. He is DEAD TO ME :)
  8. richpats

    richpats Banned

    Don't forget being a fairweather fan too....he must be really suffering
  9. Patjew

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    I still like him, but I think Simmons lost his fastball when he moved to L.A. He's like Dominique Wilkins during his Celtics years now.
  10. lostjumper

    lostjumper Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Adding Rielly was definitely a slap in the face. I wonder why ESPN doesn't just let him go? Why muzzle him instead?
  11. DGameguy

    DGameguy Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I like reading his columns, and really enjoy his podcasts, so I hope they work things out (though it doesn't sound that way). That being said, he is a fairweather fan and is one of the whiniest, self-serving, insufferable people on the planet, and cannot take any criticism whatsoever. While it sucks that ESPN is toying around with him, I'm sure Diva Simmons has earned some of their ire.

    I read that pornstar's blog everyday (it's pretty entertaining), and apparently after ESPN shot the idea down of him joining the league, they edited out Simmons's explanation of/apology for what happened in his podcast and his column. (Which is probably because ESPN had mistakenly let slip mention of the blog before, a blog that has some compromising pictures of JA Adande, Mike Wilbon and other ESPNers drunk with pornstars in LA).
  12. Patriot Power

    Patriot Power On the Game Day Roster

    Anyone here hear his 10/20 podcast ?

    Where he twice refers to BJGE as Benjarvus-Green-Hayes ?

    Then says "the weird part is that he has the name of that Patriot that died two years ago in his name."

    No Bill.

    That would be Marquis Hill.

    Jarvis Green is alive and well, and still rushing the quarterback on a weekly basis.

    "Boston" Sports Guy my *****.

    And if you think I'm lying, look it up... it's about 45-50 minutes in to that podcast... its still up on ESPN.
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  13. letekro

    letekro In the Starting Line-Up

    The guy is not a must read anymore, and he never knew football (other than from a fantasy dork perspective). His game is basketball, and he still puts up some quality writing on that topic.
  14. primetime

    primetime Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    I agree. He never knew football, and was never a big Patriots fan beyond the betting. Worse, his insufferable rants were one of the reasons NFL fans the country over despise the New England Patriots. Ten years ago he wouldn't have written a word about the Patriots. He represents Boston in all its glory - the bandwagon bunch. Notice how the one team he doesn't write about is the Bruins? He supposedly gave up on them 15 years ago. Why, Bill, because they don't win championships?

    That said, he was occasionally entertaining and he did know basketball. And Rick Reilly is nothing but a piece of ****, so Simmons at least gets the one-up here.
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  15. godef

    godef In the Starting Line-Up

    Re: OT:Not good times for simmons

    How do you know he hasn't/isn't?
  16. hambone1818

    hambone1818 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Simmons is good for what he is: a GREAT basketball writer (honestly, he's one of the best in the business in this regard), and an interesting read at other times...he doesn't know football, doesn't know baseball, and very rarely even mentions hockey. But it's always interesting even if not 'expert-worthy'. Frankly, being that main-stream television personalities include guys like Colin Cowherd, Marshall Faulk and Skip Bayless, I think Simmons is about as good as it gets...you don't get your news and analysis from him, you get your comedy from him, plain and simple.

    As it relates to his column/podcast on ESPN and the new contract, as he said he thought the differences were ironed out when they signed the new deal. Apparently that all changed shortly after the new deal was dry, and then Reilly was brought in...I mean, how would you feel?
  17. Seymour93

    Seymour93 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    I was just wondering about the Boston Sports Guy the other day, when I realized that I probably haven't read one of his columns in over a few years. He needs a change of scenery. I still think he's waiting to write for the Globe, so he feels that he can't leave ESPN until the Globe calls.
  18. JAYHAWKS34

    JAYHAWKS34 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Interesting, I was aware there was some sort of feud but I didn’t know all the details
  19. JAYHAWKS34

    JAYHAWKS34 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    he's under contract so he can't leave ESPN, and why would someone go from ESPN to the globe, it is usually the other way around
  20. dhamz

    dhamz In the Starting Line-Up

    His stuff is still OK once in awhile (usually Celtics/NBA stuff) but for the most part it grew stale a long time ago.

    His columns are pretty much fomula stuff at this point. His personal stuff he weaves in have always probably been made up to an extent but they were hilarious. Now it is blatantly made up and more importantly usually not even funny.

    There is probably only so long you can do what he did to get famous. A middle age man writing blogs and referring to other 40 year old men by college nicknames is destined to come off lame. He certainly has writing talent so a change of scenery to a completely different form (not sports) would probably do him a world of good.
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