OT: No wonder the Lions are a joke

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    It has been widely discussed, both here and in the media, how incompetent Lions GM Matt Millen is, and how unbelievable it is that he still has his job. It is therefore interesting to read that Lions owner Bill Ford, Jr., who also is Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Co., isn't doing any better managing for the car company. Read more here:


    No wonder both his empires are struggling.
  2. GoWhalers

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    It's really got to be killing Millen this year -- if you believe the pundits, Calvin Johnson is the true can't-miss WR the Lions have been looking for the past few years.

    If the Raiders go QB -- which they should -- then the Lions will have a chance for Johnson. However, they've got so many needs now given their poor management that I doubt they could get the public to swallow drafting ANOTHER WR first, even if Johson is that good.
  3. Ford family are wealthy beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    They will still be around for a long time.

    If I believe correctly, they are 1 of the 300 club.
  4. gomezcat

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    I can't comment on the economics story, but I do feel for Detroit fans. They have to put up with management that is criminally incompetent. I've said it before, but for the life of me, I can't think how Matt Millen is still in a job.
  5. Box_O_Rocks

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    Fortunately for his overall value, he is reputed to be an awesome mistress.
  6. QuiGon

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    They fought off Xerxes at Thermopylae..?!? Wow... :D
  7. Michigan Dave

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    There's a lot more to the Ford issue than the Ford family. They don't know how to run a football team- that's for sure- but the company's struggles are much larger than the Fords. GM and Chrysler are in the same boat here. Without getting into too heated a debate, I can tell you that the unions absolutely OWN them in every negotiation, and the companies are struggling with ridiculous pension plans and retiree/surviving spouse benefit costs. There's a lot wrong with our economy here in metro-Detroit, and a good percentage is due to union workers who had over inflated salaries, were bought out/laid off, and suddenly had the realization that they would have to take a MASSIVE pay cut to get ANY job. These same people were living in $300-500K homes on interest only ARMS that are adjusting, and have killed the housing market. I see numerous cases every day of people who were skilled trade workers for the auto unions making $30-40/hr applying en masse to some of my entry level $9-14/hr positions I post. It's sad. The Fords aren't alone.

    As for Millen, well, he must have photos or something. I've never seen a region have absolute HATE for a man so much before. I really hope he screws the draft up again and picks Quinn, because I'll be entertained for a few more years. Did you know he commuted from Pennsylvania via jet for the first few years on the job? He didn't even live in the state!
  8. VJCPatriot

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    So you believe Quinn will be a bust? What was your opinion of Matt Leinart? How would you compare the 2?
  9. Michigan Dave

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    Yes. I recruited Quinn out of HS. I do not think he will be a great NFL QB at all. Leinart? I like Leinart. We recruited him as well (we were close to landing him...) I think Leinart possesses the "it" intangible that a QB needs to win. I hope the AZ franchise doesn't do him a disservice, but if he can win there, he can win anywhere. His measurables are also better in my mind than Quinn. I think the game is going to be much faster at this level than Quinn anticipates, and he's struggled with the faster teams he's faced. Against good competition, Quinn has been decidedly mediocre. There is no Navy and Air Force on an NFL schedule.
  10. unoriginal

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    However, there are the Detroit Lions. At least the service academies have an excuse.
  11. QuiGon

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    Now now... every NCAA team has a few creampuffs on their rotation so you can't use that as an adequate measuring stick...
  12. Michigan Dave

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    No, I'm not. But Quinn's play against elite competition is poor.

    Look at his big games as a senior:

    MICHIGAN 47-21 L
    24-48 234 yds 3 INT/3TD

    USC 44-24 L
    22-45 274 yds 3 TD/0INT

    LSU 41-14 L
    15-35 148 yds 2TD/2INT

    Quinn padded his stats in a QB friendly offense, and disappeared in big games. His "marquee" game was the loss to USC in 2005, and even then he was only 19-35 for 254 1/1. His 2 marquee wins were over Michigan in 04 and 05. In both games, Michigan did more to lose the game than Brady did to win. He finished 05 a respectable 19-30 140 2/0. In 04, he was AWFUL. 10-20, 178, 2 TD/3 INT.

    I would definitely avoid Quinn in the early first round.
  13. QuiGon

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    Oh, I agree. I like the kid... I really do... but he made an entire career based on three plays:

    1) Throw left side to Jeff Szarmadjia
    2) Throw right side to Jeff Szarmadja
    3) Throw across center to Jeff Szarmadja

    So I don't find him worthy of a top 1st round QB selection.

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